Thinking designed to help businesses manage pain points

Thinking designed to help businesses manage pain points

Identifying and fixing what’s working and what’s not working in your business will be the aim of a new training workshop in Newcastle on 30 August.

Creativity and innovation catalyst, Christina Gerakiteys will facilitate the bootcamp program on Design Thinking principles and practices. Design Thinking is a hands-on methodology incorporating five specific stages to provide a collaborative, solution-based approach to solving ill-defined, unknown and sometimes complex problems in the workplace.

Christina said the program encourages diverse thinking.

“Design thinking gets to the heart of pin pointing problematic and festering issues that may involve people, processes, products and client expectations,” Christina said.

“It’s an active and transformative framework that encourages diverse thinking – how best to brainstorm, prototype and then test drive a solution.

“That’s sounds easy, but you would be surprised how long businesses, whether they be start up or established, will struggle and ignore issues rather than take action to identify a particular problem, solve it and move ahead.”

The workshop will also cover gap finding methods and ways to harness the collective knowledge of teams to help develop solutions.

“While the concept of design thinking has been around since the 60s, it remains an enduring and effective tool for businesses operating in today’s rapidly changing environment,” Christina said.

“Whether it’s fixing a problem at your desk, in your systems and processes, or with your people, services and products, design thinking can guide and create positive and productive change across an entire organisation.”

The UtopiaX Design Thinking Bootcamp will be held at The Pumphouse School of Design from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Thursday 30 August.

UtopiaX has a mass transformative purpose: to contribute to the creation of a utopic society that allows us all to co-exist in love and peace, and with kindness, compassion and respect.

IMAGE | Creativity and innovation catalyst and Founder of UtopiaX, Christina Gerakiteys.


UtopiaX helps people and organisations think differently about creating fearless change. Founded by creativity and innovation catalyst Christina Gerakiteys, its mission is to deliver innovative and creative programs, inspiring key-note speaking, and unique retreats.

Christina’s purpose is to inspire hearts and minds to possibility. She is an experienced communicator, facilitator, mentor, business owner, lifelong learner and traveller, and published author.

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