Company Culture Architect offers $100K of free training

Company Culture Architect offers $100K of free training

Local Hunter businesswoman Heidi Alexandra Pollard believes action speaks louder than words and so for the month of May she’s decided to act.

“The world of work is in a state of flux like never before. Robots, artificial intelligence and automation are replacing many of the jobs that were once familiar to us here in the Hunter,” Heidi Alexandra said.

“This means we need pioneering leaders to question, to seek new ways of working and leading and to be creating new opportunities for the future of work, not just lamenting the loss of the good old days.”

“I believe that Hunter businesses really need to start stealing start-ups cultures, implement innovation hacks and become more collaborative so we can truly become visible in the global marketplace if we want a viable future.”

Heidi Alexandra made the decision to start the conversation by giving away her professional training and speaking services for free, for the month of May.

In a bid to get people to sit up and start thinking about the future of work she’s donating $100,000 worth of her speaking and training services to any company, large or small, willing to step up and join the conversation. Half of the 20 spots have been taken already so any business wishing to take advantage of the opportunity should register their interest immediately.

“I worry about our addiction to productivity, efficiency and quick fixes to bring about streamlined processes, quality improvement, leaner management, faster results and the seeming delusion of getting more done with less,” Heidi Alexandra continued.

“It saddens me each time I enter a workplace to see good people working like zombies, devoid of emotion, enjoyment or engagement, suffering under a micromanaging boss or held prisoner by some system or hierarchy put in place long before.”

“We all want to enjoy our work, to feel useful, productive, like what we do matters and adds value. We all want meaningful work that allows us to use our unique strengths and talents every day. We need this. If we are to avoid a global disengagement crisis we need to find a new way.”

“As a speaker I promise to bring a fresh new approach for pioneering leaders who want to create sustainable businesses for the future of work. I’m a straight shooter, I like hacking cultures and believe in unconventional, uncorporate ways. I can’t wait to discuss and debate these global trends with other business leaders,” she concluded.

UQ Power

UQ Power are Company Culture Architects who support CEO's, HR and Marketing Directors to design and build strong company cultures that build their brand and market share through sustainable relationships both internally and externally. 

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