Client events can be a smart move

Client events can be a smart move

For any businesses contemplating hosting a client event, I highly encourage it.

If you get clear on your purpose for hosting the event, the format right, it really gives you and your clients an opportunity to connect on a more personal level, while also adding additional value to the client’s relationship with you and your business.

Plus, on most occasions clients will invite a guest who they know could benefit from your services and you will potentially attract new clients to your business.

It was following the recent success of our third client event a ‘Night On The Couch’ I wanted to share our story with other businesses.

Due to popular demand, in mid-October we hosted our third ‘Night On The Couch’ client event.

The purpose for us holding these events is to enhance our clients’ experience of financial planning by introducing them to the Rethink Newcastle Financial Planning team in a fun, relaxed and educational environment.

We choose our topics based on client demand, but also with a focus on putting you big rocks first.

Your big rocks are the things that you value most, and then the tedious things can work around your big rocks. We’ve found that the most common big rocks are: family and health, which for many translates into things like holidays and travel.

Our October ‘Night on the Couch’ event was a huge success, attracting more than 60 guests from all over the local area to an intimate forum featuring travel insights from two notable travel expert identities and one interstate expert.

At the end of the event before the final networking session, speakers were invited back to the stage and seated on the couch to respond to questions presented by guests in a moderated question and answer format.

For some guests this was the highlight of the night, they had their questions from ‘What’s happening with Ebola in Africa?’ to ‘Where are the best places to go in the Newcastle and Hunter region for those with restricted mobility?’

If you do host an event, be sure to request feedback and ask your clients what topics they’re interested in so you can get an understanding of the value you’re adding to your clients and how to plan for the next event.

We were beyond pleased with feedback that showed overall attendees rated the evening a 9.3 out of a maximum of 10 and we received rave reviews, such as:

  •  “Speakers – all really relevant and offered insights not readily available to me usually.” Georgina Thompson, Central Coast
  • “On the couch Q & A’s. Tips for travel. Fantastically informative! Thank you!” Jessica Huelmo, Lake Macquarie
  • “Travel & volunteering (sharing the Rethink Newcastle Financial Planning team). An Excellent night.” Stephen Lee, Newcastle
  • “All three of the speakers! A very well run event!” Courtney Jones, Newcastle
  • “All the presentations offered a different opportunity to travel.” Terry Rae, Maitland

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