Top shots 2017 – innovative companies

Top shots 2017 – innovative companies

There are so many wonderful guest speakers coming to the Hunter that we carefully considered bringing Top Shots to the region for the fifth year running. What value could we add to the working day? To businesses in the Hunter? To the lives of guests?

Innovation is gaining traction. Finally. Integral to innovation are collaboration and connection. And it’s not just about connecting people, it’s about connecting dots. It’s about paying attention to what is going on around you and finding a gap.

In the case of Catherine Graham from Seniors Housing Online, that gap was the lack of ease and convenience associated with investigating accommodation for her elderly father. Why was it so hard? Why weren’t all the services listed in the one place? A seed was planted and a business was born. But it wasn’t easy. This has been a journey of determination, grit, passion and persistence.

We are continually inundated with advertising, marketing and promotion. Studies from 2014 suggest we are exposed to 33,000 messages per day. We are also becoming more aware of our social responsibilities and a desire to do good in the world. M&C Saatchi captured an audience in a most unique way and have possibly saved thousands of lives in the process. The Game of Balls campaign has thrown advertising a ‘curved ball’ so to speak. Ben Cooper is the creative brain behind many of the campaigns. So how do they encourage their teams to think differently, all of the time?

Planet Innovation (PI) continually wins accolades in the innovation space. Marketing Manager, Roger Langsdon has been to the Hunter three times now, and each time his message to our audience has been unique and inspiring. In 2016, PI were not only recognised as the most innovative company, they were also awarded most innovative company culture, most consistent innovative company and best innovation program. PI put all their staff through innovation training and dedicate funding and resourcing to ensure staff have the opportunity to contribute to commercial and technical ventures. It’s clearly paying off.

So why Top Shots 2017? To open hearts and minds to what is possible so we are each inspired to create a better world. When you learn about the accomplishments of other companies and organisations, when you realise what is indeed possible, you find the courage and passion to pursue what you know to be true.

How will you start your day on April 4? The same way you always do? Or will you join Top Shots and start your journey from ideation to execution? Come and dance with the most innovative companies.

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