Growing your business with solid business goals

Growing your business with solid business goals

Did you create a plan or strategy to ensure you reached your business goals last year? Did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve?

Cast your mind back to December 31, 2015. Were you one of the many businesses that set goals for the beginning of 2016? A goal without an action plan is just a dreamy idea. Pointless. But put some action around the dreamy idea and it becomes a business development.  Here are a few goals you can back up with an action plan to create success in 2017.

Goal 1. Attract new clients 

Who doesn’t want new clients? It is strategic to attract a client base from a diverse range of industries. Depending on your core business, these could include trades, cleaning services, hospitality and professional health services.

Developing best practices to streamline your client’s business operations will result in more accurate and efficient processing.

With expertise and interpretation of management reporting, budgets can be implemented to enable clients to make crucial business decisions.  Show your new clients how to gain valuable time so they can focus on their business.

Goal 2. Form new partnerships 

Part of an accountant’s role, for example, is to implement tax planning, analyse business trends and strategise business forecasts.  A coherent and respected relationship between the business owner, their bookkeeper and accountant is essential for business success.

Trusted partnerships require an alignment in values, driven by teamwork and a passion to focus on client vision and ambitions.

Accountants and bookkeepers collaborate with mutual clients and use reliable data to provide smarter business financial advice.

Goal 3. Rebrand – New logo 

A rebrand is often necessary when a business is evolving. The rebrand must be aligned with the direction and vision and values of the organisation. It helps to enlist the services of a graphic designer to interpret their values, partnerships and adaption of Cloud based software into your branding.

The new logo should represent a passion to empower business owners and their commitment to support clients anywhere, anytime.

Goal 4. New Website 

First impressions are lasting and a website is often your first point of contact with a prospective client. Your website should provide a snapshot of your business, the services you offer and be modern in design and mobile responsive. A website should reflect passion, values, services, knowledge, expertise, and personality.

When visiting a website, you can discover the type of clients a business partners with, the tools they use and packages delivered. And if you have a blog; you could also find some great advice.

So did you start 2017 by setting business and financial goals? Did you derive a plan to reach your goals and to ensure success? February/March is the time when we should all sit down and evaluate our goals.

Use your goals to set a destination and create a pathway for a sensational year ahead.

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