FiveSeven Consulting celebrates rural women and business

FiveSeven Consulting celebrates rural women and business

Marking International Day of Rural Women (15 October), FiveSeven Consulting is proudly showcasing their virtual platform, which they say has always been at the core of opportunities at FiveSeven.

FiveSeven Director and Founder, Jane McConville said she always knew she wanted to be a business that could operate with strong rural roots.

“When starting FiveSeven I always knew that I wanted to create a virtual model that allowed all businesses, no matter their location, to be able to tap into our HR and Business expertise,” Jane said.

Jane grew up in Gunnedah and due to the lack of opportunities available to her moved to Brisbane and Sydney before settling in Newcastle.

“I feel proud knowing that our virtual model works, and that the incredible and vast talent that is available in country towns can be appreciated,” Jane said.

“It would be amazingly short sighted of me to only look to those who can physically sit in our Newcastle based office when recruiting”.

One of FiveSeven’s newest recruits is Ebony Chalmers.

Originally from Newcastle, Ebony now lives, works, and farms in Narrabri.

“When I started my career in Newcastle, it was typical for most seeking the corporate world to relocate to Sydney,” Ebony said.

She says rural life was not on her radar at all until the career opportunities became too good to ignore.

“When you move to a small rural town, without your family and friends around you, you realise the importance of the community,” she said.

“You make friends that become family, and you rely on people in a way you never thought you would.”

Ebony says that it was this sense of community and the importance and impact that Local Councils have within a small town that made her decide to move into her expert area of Local Government.

“Working within local government has opened up so many opportunities for me and has had a significant impact on my career,” she said.

“People in Local Government, particularly those in rural areas, are so connected to their community, and their purpose, that it is impossible not to admire their dedication and focus.”

Ebony attributes the forward think values of companies like FiveSeven in enabling her to develop and build a career while living in rural NSW.

“I am so lucky to find myself working for an amazing organisation, that understands my value and embraces my expertise, all while sitting 500 km away from the rest of my team.”

Ebony says she is living her best life embracing the rural lifestyle, balancing agriculture livestock farming all with a corporate career.

“10 years ago, if you asked me would I trade the coastal/city life for a rural life, I would have laughed. But look at me now! Who says you can’t have it all! Rural women can have a successful corporate career, work in the paddocks, and raise a family!”

Jane says that Ebony’s expertise in Local Government, as well as her extensive HR and Business experience, is opening more opportunities for FiveSeven to work with rural based businesses.

“There are so many amazing rural businesses and companies that are changing lives; location should not be a barrier to accessing support,” Jane concluded.

IMAGE | FiveSeven Consulting’s Senior Consultant, Ebony Chalmers in her paddock.


FiveSeven is a global consulting firm of trusted human resource and business advisors. They offer businesses a modern and innovative way to problem solve while developing and delivering strategies for success.

Their approach to business collaboration ensures clients maximise efficiencies and develop internal capabilities. From grass-roots people practices to leadership and internal frameworks, FiveSeven designs outcomes focused on simple and efficient improvements.

Whether through face-to-face, virtual, or phone contact, its business advisors will assist in delivering quality, creative and effective solutions to any business or organisational problem you may have.

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