It’s crunch time – what networking events can inspire you to do

It’s crunch time – what networking events can inspire you to do

When you sign up to a networking event or an awards ceremony, the typical outcome of attending that event would be to listen to an amazing speaker, gain some clients, meet interesting people in the community and maybe have a nice meal in one of the many beautiful locations around Newcastle.

I attended the Newcastle Business Club Luncheon on 8 November 2016 to support a client of mine who was nominated for the Young Business Person of the Year category and the event started out as expected, catching up with familiar faces and meeting people whom I had previously only known as a name on an email signature (Hi Kylie!).

Fast forward to the presentation of the annual awards that saw Jon Chin, The Mark Hughes Foundation and Chris Thornton ‘take home the trophies’. As I sat back listening to their contribution to the community by way of making the business world better and also their charitable donations of time and money, I found myself thinking – ‘Alex, these are your business peers who are doing multiple jobs and projects at the same time; all whilst juggling families, and here I am with one business and no family of my own. What am I giving back to the community?’ The answer was nothing.

I had a real ‘if they can do it, I can’ moment and that planted the World’s Greatest Shave seed.

I have received many compliments about my nice thick, dark hair, so why not chop it off and donate it to someone who really needs it.

The whole experience has challenged me as a person from getting the courage up to ask friends and business owners for donations and money, to making time to organise the event whilst managing my rapidly growing business.

After Thursday 29 June, I will be walking around with no hair, which isn’t something that is very common for ladies and especially businesswomen.

I need to push past the thoughts in my head about what everyone is thinking about me and be proud of what I am doing for a great cause.

The big day is less than a week away. I am shaving my head on Thursday 29 June at 6.30pm at Foghorn Brewhouse to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. We have a raffle that will be drawn on the night with some generous local businesses donating prizes for this; tickets are $5 each and can be bought before and also on the night.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to participate in any way.

So the next time you pay for a networking event, and are thinking ‘what do I want to achieve by going to this event’, have an open mind and let me know if you have a crazy outcome like I have.

IMAGE | Managing Director of Booksmart Accounting Solutions, Alex Nicolaidis will shave her hair for a cure.

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