5 reasons you should consider dance for your next team building activity

5 reasons you should consider dance for your next team building activity

Does your workplace invest in team building activities?

The collaborative nature of team building activities teaches people how to work together effectively and communicate between one another.

While scavenger hunts and nights out for dinner are certainly great ways to bring the team together, activities that have health and wellbeing benefits can further breed team cohesiveness, motivation and workplace satisfaction.

These five benefits are amongst many for the incorporation of movement, dance and exercise in your team building activities.

Happy employees are productive and profitable employees

It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive, which in turn means they bring in more money for your business.

But how do you ensure you are encouraging a happy employee?

By providing them with opportunities to participate in fun, endorphin-boosting activities.

Dance classes provide a much bigger release of endorphins then many other activities as the movement connects with the emotional centres in your brain. Dance caters to a range of skill levels and provides the platform for employees to have fun, laugh, share in the process of learning a new skill and feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you are investing in corporate team building activities that involve movement as well as a boost to your employee’s mental health, you are showing them that you are interested in their wellbeing and appreciate the work they do for you.

Positive teamwork builds successful teams

Creating an environment where your team works together and shares in the process of learning a new skill helps build cohesiveness, communication and trust.

Dance classes can be designed to incorporate group or doubles activities that require employees to depend and have confidence in their fellow team members. Ensuring your colleagues don’t fall is a powerful way of building trust between your team members.

The teamwork skills and confidence they build in this low-stress environment will be transferable to a higher stress work environment.

Boost mental functioning to create constructive and profitable employees

Do you want your staff to be productive? Do you want them to work at a high level intellectual capacity?

Of course you do.

Dance classes can improve the mental functioning of individuals to make them more creative, innovative and productive at work. Dancing incorporates several brain functions which, when used, increase your neural connectivity and give your brain a good workout.

Harness their creative minds and problem solving abilities

By arousing your employees creative genes through a fitness or dance class, you are opening up a whole new side to their personality. Exposing them to a creative and expressive task will stimulate their creative juices, making them better able to tackle problems and provide creative solutions in the workplace.

Boost employee confidence inside and outside of the workplace

Dance can help boost your employee’s body language and confidence, allowing them to better present themselves in corporate situations. Expanding their comfort levels and helping them to understand their body language can help your employees build a stronger presence in the workplace and with clients.

No matter your goals, if you are looking for a meaningful way to give back to your employees and support their growth individually and as a team, it might be time to think outside of the box and look to the dance floor for inspiration.

IMAGE | Students at Beach Fit Dance.

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