Virtual Assistants on the rise in Newcastle

Virtual Assistants on the rise in Newcastle

With the pressures of a pandemic encompassing our daily lives for the last two years (and counting), it’s no surprise that many have made a partial or complete career switch to the digital world.

For local business owners, Adrienne and Jane however, the virtual game is not a new concept.

Having started their Virtual Assistant businesses in 2016, Adrienne and Jane identified early on the need for connection and collaboration within their industry. It was in 2019 that the pair created the Newcastle VA Network.

“Newcastle VA Network is a fantastic place for like-minded people to build their connections, gain insights into the industry, and grow their business,” explains Co-Founder, Jane.

“We have individuals in the VA Network who are just starting out, and some who have had their business for 10+ years. Not only is this network fantastic for people in our industry, but it continues to provide local businesses a hub to find a VA who suits their niche and business requirements. It’s something we’re really proud of.”

Both Adrienne and Jane believe it’s no surprise that many local businesses are seeing fantastic benefits from engaging a Virtual Assistant.

“Most VAs offer a wide skillset to any team and can be utilised as little or as much as required, assisting with general admin, social media management, event planning, design, logistics, executive assistance and so much more.”

“Bringing this high level of versatility and experience into the mix of a small-medium business has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house employee,” Adrienne adds.

With ever-growing opportunities in the digital world and the capacity to work remotely, flexibly, and often immediately, Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly more sought-after.

Now, Adrienne and Jade have teamed up once again to bring local Virtual Assistants an all-encompassing, industry-focused conference right here in Newcastle.

“The Newcastle Virtual Assistants Conference is a business event for local people, with a focus on VA’s,” Adrienne said.

“We’ve created the event for anyone who is already in the VA space, for those who are curious about the industry, and even for individuals who are performing the tasks of a VA each day, but don’t know it yet.”

The one-day conference, set to be held Friday 25 February 2022, aims to educate, inspire and connect local Virtual Assistants as they prepare for what’s expected to be a huge year in the industry.

It will include a speaker line-up of industry professionals, training opportunities, a headshot session and more.

You can learn more about the event and Newcastle Virtual Assistants via their website.

IMAGE | Newcastle Virtual Assistants Founders, Jane Ekholm and Adrienne Donnelly (left-right).

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