Verve Partners announces new appointment

Verve Partners announces new appointment

Verve Partners has welcomed a new addition to the team, Nicole Davis – a seasoned Recruitment Consultant with more than 30 years of experience.

Nicole Davis will be taking the recruitment reins of the marketing and IT sectors in Newcastle as Recruitment Consultant.

Born and raised in Hamilton, New South Wales, Nicole has come full circle by returning to her roots in Newcastle after spending time in Japan and over two decades in the United States.

Seeking a new direction in her career and inspired by the opportunity to be closer to family, Nicole said she discovered Verve Partners through a thorough research process.

“I was impressed during the interviews that the leadership team really promoted work-life balance,” Nicole said.

“It wasn’t just a typical recruitment agency where you’re burned and churned.

“Our values aligned, and I wasn’t going to just be a number. I was going to be someone that could bring added value to the company and be valued for that.

“It excited me that I could grow Verve and grow my own personal brand as well. They were both equally as important to the leadership team.”

Nicole’s professional journey in the United States centred on recruiting for various United States government agencies, including the Department of Defence, Defence Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency (NSA), CIA and United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

Her recruitment experience in the intelligence community was broad, spanning from administrative analysis to program engineering, all while managing the delicacies of different clearance levels.

Nicole said it was an experience that honed her strengths in Cybersecurity, IT, Counterintelligence and Cryptologic Linguists as well as her love of the art of recruiting.

“The thing that really motivates me is that feel-good moment,” Nicole said.

“Whether it’s a candidate getting their first job, transitioning into a new field, or just taking the next step in their career. Regardless, they got the job!”

Nicole’s transition from the government sector to marketing and IT demonstrates her versatility and adaptability.

“If you’re passionate about building relationships on both ends of the recruitment funnel, with businesses and the job seekers, which I am, I firmly believe you can recruit anything,” Nicole said.

“When looking for a position, I look for something that excites me, and I know I’ll get that with my role with Verve Partners. There’s variety and unique thought leadership in the team, so we can bounce around ideas.”

Striking a balance and making a mark, Nicole is looking to make her mark in the Newcastle market.

Nicole said she is also passionate about supporting her Awabakal community and taking this opportunity to give back.

“It was hard being so far away from home for so long,” Nicole said.

“I’m glad to be back so I can tap back into my community, broaden my networks, forge new partnerships, and create opportunities that truly give back.”

With her homecoming, Nicole said she is also embracing the Australian mindset that prioritises wellbeing.

“What sold me with Verve Partners is that they truly care about their employee’s wellbeing,” Nicole said.

“Recruitment can be a give-it-all industry, which is fast-paced and exciting, but I’m looking forward to being more balanced.

“I think that makes you a better consultant.”

Verve Partners

Verve Partners is an energetic team of specialist consultants reimagining recruitment Australia-wide. With over 170 years of experience between us, they’ve found the sweet spot in talent search – and want to share it. By scouting smart, digging deep and embracing diversity, they grow vibrant careers, cultures and communities.

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