Two more humans join local HR business

Two more humans join local HR business

Local HR start-up, Being More Human has welcomed two new members to their ever-growing team.

Established in September 2015, the organisation has seen rapid growth to a team of eight in November this year.

The two new team members have joined Being More Human’s successful quest to be a bespoke system for change that ignites and transforms people, purpose and profit by getting to the heart of the matter.

Chief Conversationalist, Michelle Crawford said the business has touched a nerve in the market.

“It has been very heartening to see how other businesses and organisations have been drawn to the refreshing nature of our brand,” Michelle said.

“The authentic focus of a human centric organisation is appealing in a world that is often not like that.

“The future of business is with its humans. The way we interact, prioritise and create space for human hopes and fears within workplaces will become the key determining factor of organisational success. Being More Human is focused on human potential and creating and supporting it in everyone we deal with.”

The Being More Human team has welcomed Sam Sooialo, Chief Human Futurist and Krystal Rees, Human and Workplace Synergist.

Sam’s specialty is human-centred strategy formation and implementation, change management, business process and business systems improvement.

Krystal is a HR generalist and will assist on all levels of the business in a flexible way dependent on what the client needs.

“Understanding each individual and the relationships is key to making it all work,” Krystal said.

Together Krystal and Sam have increased the scope of Being More Human’s industry diversity to hospitality/clubs, retail, energy, automotive, fitness, technology, government, not-for-profit, health and professional services.

IMAGE | Being More Human’s two new team members – Sam Sooialo and Krystal Rees.

Being More Human

Being More Human is a bespoke system for change that ignites and transforms people, purpose and profit by getting to the heart of the matter.

The business’ team of like-minded, visionary thinkers empower individuals and organisations to be more human in everything they do. They’ve combined a range of human resource products and tools with their own people’s unique skillsets and passion to produce an effective method to bring positive change to businesses, their leaders, staff and managers.

Being More Human is helping its clients to reap the significant benefits of understanding their who, and therefore their how. Benefits like higher engagement, lower staff turnover, less psychological claims, a more constructive culture and, as a result, greater efficiencies and productivity.

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