Stick to what you know

Stick to what you know

In an age where Google can point you in the right direction to find the answer to almost any question, it becomes easy to get distracted from your core business function and try and do a little of everything when it comes to day-to-day business management.

It may seem like it is the cheaper option to try your hand at things like marketing, sales and recruitment, but are you really getting the right bang for your buck? There might not be an incoming invoice for services when you take the DIY approach, but are you considering the time you lose focusing on your core business function, efficiency in process and the potential impacts to brand reputation in the market when your DIY strategy isn’t done well?

Some benefits that come from outsourcing services can include:

  1. Cost advantages

As an example, the average recruitment process for a basic administrative role, when completed in-house can cost a business approx. $8,000 when you factor in a $40 per hour pay rate for the employee/business owner running the process.

If you also consider the impact to lost productivity, these costs continue to increase. When you outsource these types of services, it allows you to continue to focus on your main business function.

  1. Access to skilled resources

Specialists are called that for a reason. They know what they are doing, they know their area of expertise and, as a result, you get the benefit of timely processes, typically faster turnaround then if you did it yourself and quality results.

  1. Focus on core areas

Because you aren’t trying to juggle too many balls, you have more time to focus on yourcore areas of business. You can let go and trust that the professionals you have partnerswith are working to support you and your business but adding values through the servicesthey are offering.

  1. Save on infrastructure and technology

Often, outsourcing services allows you access to technology and infrastructure you otherwise wouldn’t have known about, couldn’t afford or wouldn’t want to outlay costs for a one-off or small project. Having access to these industry technologies helps your cause and brings more credibility to professional processes.

  1. Faster and better services

This one speaks for itself; if you don’t have to research, create strategies and processes from scratch or try to juggle a side project whilst doing your everyday job as well, then you are going to achieve the outcome faster.

Because you are engaging a professional who is skilled in their particular area of expertise, you areactually getting a lot more than just the service required. You are getting industry insight, access to a key skills knowledge base and expertise that can only come from being a specialist in the chosen field.

We can’t all be great at everything and when you stretch yourself too thin, stuff falls through thecracks.

Why not let someone else take care of the areas you’re not great at and partner with serviceproviders that are going to bring value to your business!

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