Smart Makeover launches to help boost the value of properties

Smart Makeover launches to help boost the value of properties

Renovation and staging company, Smart Makeover has launched, providing local homeowners services to maximise the market value of their property.

Since starting operations in June 2017, Directors and seasoned renovators Aaron and Shona Edwards have been working with local clients, proving that strategic renovations can add value to a property and results can be achieved with short lead times.

The team work on residential projects across Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens, offering services in renovation, staging and landscaping.

For the husband and wife team, Smart Makeover is about more than building a business,it’s a way of supporting and educating their clients through life changing decisions. It has been this added level of support that has attracted the attention of local agents and has seen to differentiate the business in a competitive market.

While both Aaron and Shona are passionate about property, their shared love for the industry has been formed from very different experiences within the property market.

“I watched my Grandfather do really well with it, as well as my Dad and Uncle, they saw that it was a smart way of accumulating wealth,” said Aaron.

“My parents were left a few properties in wills that were in great locations, and they sold all of them. Now, they are worth millions. Had they put tenants in them or fixed them up, they wouldn’t have missed out on those opportunities,” said Shona.

After ten years renovating nine of their own properties in addition to the clients they have been working with, Shona and Aaron are confident their experience serves their clients well.

“For one of the first properties we bought, we renovated it to our standard but that exceeded the standard of the market and we didn’t get the return we were looking for,” said Aaron.

“From that point forward, we have been very calculated in what we do, only spending on what will make the biggest impact and we’re excited to be able to use that knowledge to support others.”

“Our work allows people to have a better quality of life. If it’s an elderly couple who want to engage us for a small renovation and staging so they can retire earlier and travel around Australia because they have been working their entire life, we want to help them make that dream a reality,” said Shona.

With market changes afoot, the business is ready to take on new property challenges and help more locals realise their property’s potential.

IMAGE |Seasoned renovators, Shona and Aaron are the Directors of Smart Makeover.

Smart Makeover

Smart Makeover works with Newcastle homeowners to increase the market value of theirproperty through strategic renovations and staging. Specialising in residential projects, theteam offers creative and cost effective solutions to get homes sale ready.

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