Seed People Consulting launch emerging leaders development program: StepAdvantage™

Seed People Consulting launch emerging leaders development program: StepAdvantage™

Seed People Consulting has launched its latest initiative, a publicly accessible Emerging Leaders Development Program in Newcastle.

Designed to identify, nurture, and empower the next generation of leaders, this program marks a significant milestone in Seed’s commitment to fostering talent and driving organisational excellence in the Hunter.

In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership is indispensable. As industries face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the need for visionary and agile leaders has never been greater.

In response to consistent requests from clients for access to a public course for emerging leaders, Seed People Consulting is dedicated to cultivating a pipeline of skilled and forward-thinking local leaders who will steer the Newcastle region and beyond towards continued success.

StepAdvantage™ is a tailored program to equip high-potential individuals with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to excel in leadership roles.

This program is designed for aspiring or eager new leaders looking to embed or enhance their skills, build their networks across industries and embed practical learning as part of their development.

Founder and Principal Consultant of Seed People Consulting, Stacey Kelly is excited to share this opportunity with future leaders.

“What’s different about this program is that emerging leaders can participate from any organisation,” Stacey said.

“We’re wanting to connect leaders from across Newcastle to develop their skills together in a safe and growth-focused environment.

“The program creates a sense of purpose and engagement, is multi-channeled, promotes self-reflection, and encourages leaders to create workplaces which are dynamic, inspiring and effective.”

Key highlights of the program include:

  • Mixture of Facilitated Sessions: To be delivered over a five-month period, and grouped into three main areas of ‘Leading Self’, ‘Leading Teams’ and ‘Leading Change’.
  • Experiential Learning in a Safe Environment: Hands-on activities, and real-world scenarios will provide participants with practical leadership experience and the opportunity to apply their learning in a supportive environment.
  • Leadership Toolkit: Practical and reflective learning resources throughout the Program, including Learning Journal.
  • Expert Guidance: Seasoned leaders and experienced facilitators within Seed People Consulting will serve as mentors, offering guidance, support, and invaluable insights to program participants.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to connect with peers, industry experts, and thought leaders, fostering a robust network that extends beyond the duration of the Program.

Seed People Consulting Senior Consultant, Julia Fiore said this opportunity allows them to step up and engage with leaders who want to be a key part of the Hunter’s future.

“At Seed, we’re passionate about building engaging and sustainable leadership capability for the future across the Hunter Region, so we have created a one-of-a-kind, carefully curated Leadership Development course for this purpose,” she said.

“We are excited to launch StepAdvantage™ for emerging leaders in Newcastle who don’t have an in-house development program and look forward to empowering our future leaders to reach their full potential.”

Expressions of interest for StepAdvantage™ are now open. 

IMAGE | Seed People Consulting team in a group session.

Seed People Consulting

Seed People Consulting is a local HR consulting business, specialising in the development of leaders, teams, organisational culture and effective organisational change. Our solutions are based on a foundation of extensive and commercial HR experience, spanning more than 50 combined years in a range of organisations: from large corporate enterprises, to non-for-profit associations and into the public sector.

The team at Seed know the importance of working with you to build solutions that are customer-focused and practical, ensuring effective and sustainable outcomes.  Seed People Consulting will deliver an outcome for your business that will generate the return on investment in your people that you are seeking.

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