Passion means business for Shivani Gupta

Passion means business for Shivani Gupta

Hunter-based business woman and Australia’s passion activator Shivani Gupta has contributed to a new transformational book by New York Times bestselling Author, Janet Bray Attwood.

Shivani says Inspired by The Passion Test is designed to inspire and help others to lead the passionate life they dream about. The business woman, mentor, Author and international speaker is one of 14 people from around the globe, and the only Australian, selected by Janet to each write a chapter on how the Passion Test has transformed their lives.

Shivani says she regularly uses the Passion Test to help her in her business life and personal life. She says the test helps her to dive deeper into things she is doing but also helps her get clear on things she shouldn’t be doing.

“The Passion Test inspired me to create my vision board, which is a tool that also helps many of my clients,” Shivani says.

“For organisational leaders, when you understand your passion and the passions of others you can harness that to deliver improved performance and productivity.

“According to a Gallup research in 2016, 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. Gallup has found actively disengaged employees (24%) outnumber engaged employees (13%) by nearly 2-to-1, which is a major issue for those people, businesses and the economy.

“It is worth addressing the issue because companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.”

The Passion Test was developed by Janet and her business partner, Chris Attwood and can be done online. Their initial book Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life is a New York Times bestseller. The test helps people identify their top five passions and then learn how to align their lives with their priorities.

Shivani is one of almost 2,000 certified Passion Test facilitators in 60 countries but is one of only seven to complete global master training with Janet. This means she is the only Australian able to deliver the Passion Test on stage or integrate into her keynote presentations.
Janet says Inspired by the Passion Test is an emotional anthology of personal stories—a testament to the power of her simple test and step-by-step guide passion program.
She says the authors have used the Passion Test to help in their physical health, relationships, career, and family – finding true love, overcoming domestic abuse, and living with the loss of a loved one.
“These inspirational people will help you learn how to get unstuck, find clarity, and make passion-based choices in your life,” Janet says.
“Inspired by the Passion Test will uplift your spirit and give you the tools, advice, and inspiration you need to find your passion.”

Shivani runs three day certification courses in the Passion Test for coaches and mentors as well as leaders and managers who wish to implement the guide themselves to identify and harness their passion and the passions of others. She is the founder of the member -based, online portal Her Passionate Life that provides tips and inspiration to women.

Proceeds from the sale of the new book will be donated to the I AM Foundation.

IMAGE | Shivani Gupta has contributed to a new transformational book by New York Times bestselling Author, Janet Bray Attwood.

Shivani Gupta

Hunter-based Shivani Gupta is Australia's passion activator for individuals and businesses and is a speaker, author and mentor.


Shivani takes people from stress to balance to passion.


She runs group mentoring programs for women. She’s also mentored hundreds male and female leaders from top global companies through to small businesses. Her mentoring expertise and business experience saw her selected as a host of the SBS business documentary Risking it All.


Shivani currently owns a number of businesses and has experience on a number of Boards. This means she has real world experience to bring to her mentees.


Her accolades include a Telstra Business Women's Award and being made a member of the Golden Key. She is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) a professional speaking designation given to only 500 people globally.

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