Oracle Advisory Group launches women-focused service to help address ongoing bias in financial education and guidance

Oracle Advisory Group launches women-focused service to help address ongoing bias in financial education and guidance

Local financial support businesses, Oracle Advisory Group is pleased to announce that it has deepened its commitment to supporting women with its new service, Empowering Women by Women.

Australian women continue to experience a bias with their finances, with recent research showing that they still earn just $7.72 for every $10 men earn, and that they continue to experience higher rates of disenfranchisement and financial exclusion.

The Empowering Women by Women service aims to help all women gain true financial independence, with specifically tailored services that understand the experience women have of the local financial system.

The service is multi-faceted and broad. It will assist women who are struggling with their finances in structuring a pathway to financial independence, while also helping women with assets to build wealth, plan for retirement, and invest their money to achieve other long term financial goals.

The Empowering Women by Women service will be led by Oracle Financial Adviser, Sharon Goodwin.

“Having navigated my own independence through trying circumstances, I feel being financially independent is an important goal for people of all backgrounds, but it is particularly important for women who have historically been underrepresented in job markets and as financially independent retirees,” Sharon said.

“Giving women a deeper sense of security and comfort that they are not alone, that they can get through anything and have an enjoyable life and retirement is something I can give back to repay the assistance I was given.”

A key component of the Empowering Women by Women service is that it provides a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic service for women of all ages to come and have a review/talk about their situation and get on the right track, Goodwin added.

Unfortunately, too many women still feeling like there is a gender-based stigma around finances in Australia, making it difficult and uncomfortable for women to seek help when they need it.

“As women, we hope for the day policies are improved for women, but we cannot wait for policy changes,” Goodwin said.

“That is why Oracle have chosen to offer this service to all women. Myself and our team of professional women can give back and utilise our experiences and financial knowledge and help women gain control”.

Sharon has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years.

She has assisted women with getting back on their feet after life changing events such as:

  • divorce or death of a partner,
  • navigating the purchase of a home or into a retirement village,
  • inheritance/windfall advice,
  • getting affairs in order upon terminal illness diagnosis,
  • Centrelink applications,
  • superannuation and insurance,
  • debt clearance, and
  • estate provisions.

Sharon has also advocated for clients in challenging situations with meaningful outcomes for her clients.

IMAGE | Oracle Financial Adviser, Sharon Goodwin.

Oracle Advisory Group

Oracle Advisory Group is a fully integrated investment and financial planning advisory company.

The Oracle team have been helping the Hunter region realise their financial potential since 1986.

Our advisers use their experience and expertise to develop wealth accumulation strategies tailored to meet our clients’ financial goals.

We believe that if we can offer exceptional financial planning advice together with a portfolio of investments that can continue to provide above average returns, then we can materially contribute to the enjoyment and lifestyle of our clients.

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