Newcastle City Hall all wrapped up

Newcastle City Hall all wrapped up

Wild and Free Media have brought life to one of the most iconic buildings in Newcastle.

Newcastle City Hall is currently being restored to its former glory, but rather than passersby and event attendees having to view all the construction works and scaffolding, in collaboration with Stone Mason & Artist, Wild and Free Media have created a larger than life replica of City Hall.

The signage and banner wrapping of scaffolding covers three sides of the hall, with photography taken from all angles, creating a powerful illusion and an attractive display of the building.

This has enhanced the historic appeal of City Hall as one of Newcastle’s most unique and prized possessions.

Wild and Free Media Director, Vesna Kirkovski says that with the combination of old art and contemporary methods, they have used innovative ideas to assemble a creative and attractive banner wrap.

“Our team are honoured to be working on a project that accentuates the historic charm and stunning architecture of the building,” Vesna said. “It is an opportunity to revitalise our city’s civic showpiece, glorifying the building whilst it undergoes an extensive transformation process.”

“Behind the shrouds of scaffolding, the Timperi brothers, along with a small team of stonemasons, are chipping away to restore, rebuild and revamp one of Newcastle’s most prestigious venues. Estimated to be completed by mid-2017, the end result will highlight the restored sandstone on the front of the building where the exterior landscape will be architecturally and visually appealing for the public eye. “

According to Stone Mason & Artist, this project is the largest banner wrap in the southern hemisphere.

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