New book shares the art of staff development

New book shares the art of staff development

Local business person and Director of iLike, Corey Hill, has written a new book specifically targeting anyone who is tasked with developing best-practice learning programs in alignment with organisational goals.

Developed with the premise that every organisation is unique in mind, The Art of Creating Staff Development Programs can be used to guide the creation of a full staff development program or the components involved.

Corey said that the complexity of developing a staff development program in your business means you need to take into account aspects such as a realistic program scope; integration of strategic and operational plans; a determined budget; the organisation’s level of language, literacy and numeracy; measured performance; and return on investment.

“The complexity of developing a professional development program at work and the many parts involved means that businesses need to understand how they work and their people,” Corey said.

“Understanding these components and more will help you integrate a program that suits your unique organisation requirements.”

Examples provided throughout this book are based on real situations and years of practical experience. Guidance from this book aims to enhance the potential of organisations to perform and build capability.

“The challenge with showing what you are about can be complicated, in terms of tailoring staff and organisation development programs, as there is no off-the- shelf program or step by step manual,” Corey said.

“Often when you hear staff are being developed, they are sent to a workshop or training course with expectations to immediately apply learnings back in the workplace, with little or no attempt tointegrate to organisation goals.

“If it was as simple as sending people to a development course then there would bemore positive reports about management performance in Australia.”

The book assists businesses looking to pair their short and long term goals with their employees professional development.

iLike is an organisation that specialises in creating quality, customised, flexible learning andorganisation development solutions.


Corey Hill has over 29 years of experience working for small to large organisations in a number of keyoperational, management and learning and development roles. Corey has worked in mining,manufacturing, construction, rail, technology and government organisations in roles ranging from trades, engineering and design, quality, project, and management.

Corey’s unique background has equipped him with extensive experience in leadership and employeedevelopment programs, employee engagement initiatives, change management, and strategicprogram/project management, all of which are essential to achieving successful quality outcomes.

Corey’s passion is focused on adult literacy, language and numeracy and creating awareness throughbehavioural change to improve productivity.

Created in 2012, iLike is an organisation that specialises in creating quality, customised, flexible learning and organisation development solutions

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