Morgan Engineering commits to developing the next generation of talent

Morgan Engineering commits to developing the next generation of talent

Singleton based engineering company, Morgan Engineering is living up to its motto “we make it happen” by paving the way for growth in the engineering sector (and region) through their expanding Apprenticeship Program. 

The ongoing development of a skilled and trained workforce is core to the vision and culture of Morgan Engineering.

This is demonstrated in their approach to addressing identified needs in the sector that also grows into capabilities across their business. 

Morgan Engineering General Manager, Jeremy Brett said: “We have two pathways for apprentices, the traditional TAFE apprentice program and our TA/Apprentice program we developed in liaison with Gimbal Training.”

Jeremy said that the current qualifications available to engineering apprentices does not adequately address Morgan Engineering’s future skills requirements.

Their partnership with Gimbal Training aims to provide both trade qualifications and specific skills and experience critical to their business.  

“Line boring as a stand-alone skill has no TAFE training or qualification – the task instead is completed by a qualified fitting machinist, fitters and turners or CNC machinist who need significant time on the job to gain the required experience,” he said.

“Because of this, we engaged Gimbal Training, to allow us to create efficiencies and develop a highly skilled pool of liner borers – a specialist qualification that is currently not available.” 

Renowned for its flexible training and assessment models that create personalised pathways to gain qualifications, Gimbal Training developed a unique program tailored for the team whereby Morgan Engineering’s trades’ assistants and adult apprentices could fulfil on-site support requirements while completing their trade training.  

Participants will receive a Certificate III in Engineering and Mechanical Trade and practical experience on a mine site, while the business benefits from their investment in training, better use of resources, and an ongoing strategic apprenticeship program. 

“Prior to the creation of this innovative program with Gimbal training, we had always welcomed apprentices undertaking their qualifications through TAFE,” Jeremy said.

“We have a very high success rate for retaining apprentices within the business. Previously, seven apprentices have gone through and stayed with us – five of whom are now in Leadership roles.”

The business’ success rate can largely be attributed to the type of hands-on experience in the workshop and site activities they are undertaking as well as Morgan Engineering’s proud team culture. 

“Grow your own timber’ is a saying that aligns with the vision for our apprentice program. We’re setting the foundations, building our internal talent pool, and ensuring our apprentices are trained to the highest standard and capabilities. TAFE will teach them the trade and we’ll teach them how to be a tradesperson.”

“Paired with this, we believe that our vision and culture set us apart from other engineering companies. We value our employees and believe they are the engine of this organisation. We look after everyone and ensure not only their professional development but growth as an individual.”

By supporting training and development as core to the business, Morgan Engineering is developing a culture of active learning which ultimately improves productivity, staff engagement, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.  

This initiative is a comprehensive commitment to future career development to strengthening training pathways for trades assistants and adult apprentices from Morgan Engineering. 

To learn more about Morgan Engineering and their apprenticeship program, check out their website.

IMAGE | Just a few of Morgan Engineering’s talented Apprentices – Tom Patton, Joshua Udbinac, Aidan Partridge Smith, Samuel Tabrett (Left-right).

Morgan Engineering

Morgan Engineering is a privately-owned, second-generation family company based in Singleton, with almost five decades of combined experience and an impressive, hard earned, reputation for delivering quality service and equipment.

Morgan Engineering lives up to its motto of “we make it happen”, delivering exceptional and reliable engineering solutions, using state of the art equipment.

Specialising in engineering design and drafting, line boring, large capacity CNC Machining, on-site machining and heavy fabrication, Morgan Engineering utilise modern techniques to stay well ahead of their competition.

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