Message from HunterNet

Message from HunterNet


HunterNet has been advocating for industry for 26 years and just like for industries throughout our region, change is afoot.

Diversification is the buzz word at certain levels (at present) and HunterNet members have embraced the realities of the changing industrial landscape of our region and have been looking, probing and discovering markets that can benefit from the services they provide. By exploring ways to better their businesses and ensure prosperity for themselves and their employees, HunterNet is helping SMEs in the region to reach their goals and look beyond some of the traditional ways of doing business.

Over recent years, HunterNet too has diversified its focus to include overseas markets in support of the economic growth of our region. HunterNet has a proven track record in the development and execution of export access market programs, with a specific focus of utilising the current benefits of free trade agreements for Australian SMEs.

Accessing export markets can be very challenging for SMEs; one of the most common issues we observe is a lack of resources. We recognise it can be difficult to dedicate the time required to access export markets whilst running all aspects of a business. Through our information sessions, export market visits and trade missions, we have been able to support SMEs as they develop their export capabilities.

Over the years HunterNet has established itself as the go to organisation in relation to industry in the Hunter region and we have expanded that into the Central Coast. We have built a reputation as a supportive industry body that sees its boundaries as ever expanding to meet the needs of the region for the betterment of the community.

We encourage knowledge and experience sharing amongst our members along with a strong focus on collaboration. We are community minded and have positive relations with other major industry bodies in the region. Through our extensive work in the ASEAN region, we have identified opportunities in the energy, agriculture, manufacturing, defence and even sports industries. Recently we submitted two applications for grant funding which, if successful, will secure our ability to continue to explore export opportunities for our region.

The world is opening up and we want to ensure our region is known as the gateway for all things progressive, innovative, adventurous, inclusive and wonderful.

Renae Gifford

Project Director – HunterNet

On behalf of the members of HunterNet

IMAGE | Representatives from HunterNet and Austrade meeting with Kia Motors at DX Korea, September 2018.


HunterNet help businesses grow, innovate and thrive – and believe this begins with collaboration. By sharing ideas, developing capabilities, delivering support, and stimulating opportunities, HunterNet spark industry synergy, build strong work communities, unlock business acumen and create brighter futures for all.   

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