Message from the CEO of HunterNet

Message from the CEO of HunterNet

Changing of the guard – local Future Leaders leading

The HunterNet Furture Leaders program is in full swing. Our program is successful because of the effort put into it by the people on the committee. We have been extremely fortunate to have the calibre of people on the committee who are dedicated to more than just the businesses they work in; they are dedicated to the region.

They give their time to ensure the future is in good hands. As is the case for all businesses, evolving, refreshing and reinvigorating is part and parcel of success. Over the years, our committee has been aptly led by Steve Tolley,who has chaired the HunterNet Future Leaders since inception. Along with Ed Riley, Merran Wiggins and the team from HunterNet, they have led from the front and developed the program to a point where the University of Newcastle has given it academic standing with two units of credit towards the MBA run at the University.

Those forward-thinking people have given more to the region in their endeavours to develop the young leaders than we can give them credit for. The legacy of the committees of the past and the ones to come will be long lasting and I believe the region will be grateful and in great hands with the leaders that develop as a direct result of our program.

It was always envisaged that our original architects of the program would hand over the running of the program to the alumni. Our inaugural Chair, Steve Tolley, has made the first significant steps on that journey by relinquishing the position of Chair to one of our first alumni. Showing the fundamentals and the leadership attributes which has been the foundation of the program, Steve is proud to hand the position over to Tim Blakemore.

Tim has been a regular at HunterNet over a number of years and took the opportunity to join the inaugural Future Leaders Program in 2015. He completed an MBA at the University of Newcastle in 2010 where he majored in finance and economics. The final ingredient that makes Tim a worthy replacement is that he is a

born and bred Novocastrian who has a passion for the region and for business.

Tim said he is really proud to be appointed Chair.

“I’m really excited to be taking the reigns as Chairman of the Future Leaders Program. After having being a participant in the program in 2015 and then a member of the organising committee for the following two years, it’s been great to see the program develop and grow into the premier leadership course of its kind in the region,” Tim said.

“I’m looking forward to leading the committee this year as we continue to work to make the program even bigger and better this year.”

The pillars in which this program has been held up by have been strengthened by Steve Tolley and his committee over the past few years and has now been underpinned by the succession of the first alumni Chairperson.

Living in our region is not just about work, it’s about lifestyle. The Hunter is in good hands and our Future Leaders will have the DNA to ensure we progress and grow our regions prosperity and enjoy the things we love into perpetuity.


Wayne H Diemar
Senior Project Director-HunterNeet
On behalf of CEO Tony Cade

IMAGE |New Chair for the HunterNet Future Leaders program, Tim Blakemore.


HunterNet help businesses grow, innovate and thrive – and believe this begins with collaboration. By sharing ideas, developing capabilities, delivering support, and stimulating opportunities, HunterNet spark industry synergy, build strong work communities, unlock business acumen and create brighter futures for all.   

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