IV Lounge first for Newcastle region

IV Lounge first for Newcastle region

The first hydration bar has opened in the Newcastle region.

The IV Lounge is an intravenous therapy service that opened its doors in the inner-city suburb of Wickham on 16 August. The organisation is managed by a qualified and experienced team of professional medical and administration staff.

Its services appeal to athletes and sportspeople, people recovering from exhaustive activity, have been unwell or who have travelled, particularly on long-haul flights, are dehydrated or undergoing detoxification, or people with malabsorption issues including Crohn’s Disease. The use of IV fluids can also assist in weight loss and there are a number of wellness and beauty treatments available.

It offers both casual and membership options for clients and will feature professional, clean and modern spaces designed to suit people of all demographics with hydration therapies starting from just $59 that will take an average of 45 minutes. The lounge will also include an oxygen bar and mobile hydration packages.

The IV Lounge is the brainchild of a group of local business women, Simone Le Mesurier, Grace Page and Angela Mackenzie, who saw similar hydration bars overseas and identified an opportunity to create something new for the Newcastle market.

IV Lounge Director, Angela Mackenzie said that hydration bars had become popular around the world.

“In our busy lives, people are looking for ways to recharge. Being hydrated can help your body recover from exhaustive lifestyle, sports commitments, sickness and travel,” Angela said.

“It is important for us to provide the people of Newcastle with the most up-to-date and professional service, so we have recruited a team of experienced medical professionals who can help our clients access the benefits of hydration safely.”

The IV Lounge will offer a range of affordable infusion options that are designed to flush-out toxins in the body, improve wellness, replenish the body, boost immune system and increase vitality.

IMAGE | Founders of the IV Lounge – Grace Page, Angela Mackenzie and Simone Le Mesurier.

IV Lounge

The IV Lounge was created in the inner Newcastle suburb of Newcastle in July 2018 by three local business women, Simone Le Mesurier, Grace Page and Angela Mackenzie. The professional intravenous therapy bar provides a range of hydration products that are delivered by a highly experienced and skilled team of medical professionals. Product benefits appeal to people who are dehydrated due to travel, illness, exhaustive lifestyle and sport.

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