HunterNet ready to guide industry to 2050

HunterNet ready to guide industry to 2050

Hunter and Central Coast industry group HunterNet began the year of celebrating 30 years of collaboration at its Chairman’s Awards earlier this month. The organization has its sights firmly set on 2050 and making sure the regions manufacturing, engineering and specialist services industries are ready for the future.

HunterNet, Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Waterfield says the Chairman’s Awards are about recognising both industry leaders and emerging talent, and it’s that mix of experience and fresh perspective that will be so critical as they head to 2050.

“If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that working together to embrace change is going to be the backbone of how our industries progress in the future. We have to be faster, smarter, agile and more innovative to make sure we keep in step with what’s happening globally.”

“It’s fitting that after two years of restrictions, lockdowns and uncertainty that we take a moment to celebrate what Hunter and Central Coast businesses have been able to achieve in the last 12 months. It’s been tough, but our strength is our combined purpose to bring economic development and innovation to the regions.”

“We are more than ready to return to some level of normality, so being able to celebrate our high achievers in person at our Chairman’s Awards at Newcastle City Hall is a welcome milestone.”

“The Awards showcased the diversity of our membership across manufacturing, energy, resources, defence, engineering and other specialist services. Our network includes more than 70,000 employees and the depth of talent and expertise in the region is what makes us advocate so passionately for projects and businesses to be based here,” he said.

The HunterNet Chairman’s Awards include categories for high achieving businesses and leaders as well as apprentices, trainees and host organisations that are part of HunterNet Career Connections.

The newly renamed arm of HunterNet, formerly HunterNet Group Training, is focused on developing emerging talent and with a 30-year plan for the future, there’s no telling where industry will be in 2050.

Mr Waterfield also said; “it’s fair to say HunterNet Career Connections are planning for jobs that haven’t been thought of yet for people that haven’t been born yet. We don’t know what our sector will look like in 2050, but if the last 30 years are anything to go by, then we are more than ready to meet the challenge.”



IMAGE | 2022 Chairman’s Awards


HunterNet help businesses grow, innovate and thrive – and believe this begins with collaboration. By sharing ideas, developing capabilities, delivering support, and stimulating opportunities, HunterNet spark industry synergy, build strong work communities, unlock business acumen and create brighter futures for all.   

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