Hunter YoungGun | Tim Crosdale

Hunter YoungGun | Tim Crosdale

Tim Crosdale is a Group Manager at Umwelt, which provides a range of environmental and social consulting services across the mining, infrastructure, defence and urban development sectors. He has over 15 years’ experience working in town planning, environmental impact assessment, economic development and natural resource policy and strategy.

Tim has a reputation as a focussed professional with a passion for leading teams and a demonstrated track record of success in business and staff leadership, business direction and strategic analysis, client management and business development.

As a lifelong learner, Tim has coupled his professional roles with the completion of a first class Honours Degree in Natural Resources, a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning and has attained an MBA with Distinction from the University of Newcastle.  Tim is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


  • What career path led you to where you are now?

I started in local government straight out of high school. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my career after that. I wanted to do some study. I started working in town planning roles so I went on to study that at university.

I got into consulting about 12 years ago and, since then, I’ve worked on a whole range of big, large-scale development projects in town planning, environmental impact assessment, environment management, and I’ve spent a little bit of time back in local government as well in a management role.

  • What motivates and drives you?

It’s always the achievement of a goal or objective with a group of people. I know it might sound a little bit cliché, but certainly that’s what drives me, particularly as I’ve gone on in my career. I’ve worked with a whole range of people, either as clients or bigger teams or bigger project. It’s always that sense of achievement when you get to the end, which is the big objective, but even just the wins and the losses along the way as well. That’s what I enjoy most. It’s what energises me.

  • What has been your biggest learning curve in your career?

Just taking the time to take stock at different times. It can be fairly fast-paced, particularly in a consulting environment. We’re accountable for our time. It’s obviously what we sell to our clients. The ability to be able to pause within that context takes some time.

Learn the lessons that need to be learned. Treat your successes the same as your failures, and try to continually do a better job, whether that’s learning about people or doing a project in a different or sometimes in the same way, depending on your successes.

  • Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I have a very strong passion for staff and team and business leadership, and I have some roles in that area at the moment in the business I work at – Umwelt. I really enjoy all aspects of that, whether it’s again leading someone or leading a team towards an objective, or winning new clients and diversifying the business. I get a lot of energy from each of those things and they are what makes me tick.

  • Have you had any significant Hunter-based mentors during your career that have inspired you?

I’ve had quite a number. I’ve been really luck in that regard. I’ve had a number in local government where I started out, and also working in management roles there. I’ve met some really well-equipped and well-rounded leaders within that area, but certainly again, within a consulting environment.

I get to work with a lot of people from a lot of different organisations – which I tend to get a lot from – and I try tolearn as much as I can as I go through. Certainly, at Umwelt we have a strong culture of learning from each other. Mistakes, successes, the whole thing. There isn’t really anyone to name in particular, but I do try to learn from everyone that I work with or for.


With thanks to Hunter Young Professionals who Hunter Headline collaborated with to source this interviewee.


Umwelt is committed to delivering high quality environmental and social consulting services. The business has completed thousands of projects spanning, urban development, infrastructure, mining and quarrying and defence sectors, for private, state and commonwealth clients. It is a well-respected organisation, with a strong team of project managers and relevant technical experts, offering flexible services tailored to the individual needs of each client. Umwelt has a national focus, headquartered in the Hunter with offices located in Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

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