Help to become a Leading Lady

Help to become a Leading Lady

Women in the Hunter have an opportunity to become leading ladies through a mentoring program with a difference that will start next month.

Leading Ladies is the brainchild of successful Hunter woman, Heidi Alexandra Pollard.

The program is designed for women to develop a personal brand not just a successful bricks and mortar business. Heidi calls this developing your Brand U. It is based around giving women skills to think big, spend small and invest wisely.

Heidi said this month’s news that more women than men were appointed to ASX200 boards in the first three months of 2018 was welcome but not everyone women has the means or the desire to join a Board or take on a corporate role.

She said another smart option for women to build their wealth and a secure future is not some get rich quick scheme or a traditional job but rather to carve out their own niche and become a known expert thought leader.

Leading Ladies helps women to grow their personal brand, get known fast, publish their ideas, and lead other women while being of service in their industry or the community.

“The biggest hurdle for women, no matter how successful and smart they are, is still them valuing their expertise and charging what they are worth,” Heidi said.

“Our focus is on helping women who want to increase their impact, influence and income.

“They know they have expertise in areas that can help other people but don’t know where to start.

“We help women to develop their niche and their intellectual property and set them on the path to write that book they have in them.”

“I love nothing more than seeing women do work that makes their heart sing, with clients they love in a way that suits their family and life.”

She said a blended learning program is offered that includes one-on-one goal setting and communication assessment sessions, a six-month online learning program, two face-to-face group sessions, monthly accountability calls from Heidi and an online group forum. The online forum allows women to learn from fellow participants as well as 70 strong alumni of local women who have already completed the program.

Once women gain success, Heidi said it is important for them to stay grounded and invest those proceeds wisely to build ongoing success and financial independence.

“Women need to continually adapt their Brand U and reinvest the proceeds of their success,” Heidi said.

An information session will be held on May 1 but attending it is not essential to join the program. An online GoTo meeting will also be held at 8pm on May 8 for those who cannot attend the information session.

Heidi is the Chief Empowerment Officer, Founder of UQ Power and the Co-founder of Human Power. She sits on many advisory boards including the University of Newcastle MBA Advisory Committee. Her book is titled It all starts with UQ Power. She has co-authored another seven books. Her awards include the Lake Macquarie Business Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. She has been investing in property for more than 20 years and has a successful property portfolio.

IMAGE | Heidi Alexandra is inviting women in the Hunter to participate in her Leading Ladies program.

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