Five reasons why you should invest in workplace training for your staff

Five reasons why you should invest in workplace training for your staff

Just like your taxes, budget planning or yearly reviews, staff training is not often prioritised to make way for other more urgent items.

Whilst some proactive staff might make time for their own individual training, providing workplace training arranged by management helps show your commitment to growth within the business, creates a culture of continuous learning and helps staff prioritise their own career growth.

And if your business faces some challenges in terms of leadership, communication, team morale or dealing with conflict, workplace training can create a safe space to help address issues and empower people with the skills to overcome these challenges on the job.

This article explores why prioritising workplace training will benefit your business and flow down to your clients or customers.

  1. It enriches your employees’ performance

Training is training, no matter what kind and overarchingly it will enrich your employees’ performance. If you’re seeing a decline in performance from your team and want to see better results, look into a workplace training session that will work for your team.

It’s important to ensure the training you choose is relevant to your team. While it may be easier to pick one type of workplace training to implement across the board, it’s more beneficial to have smaller sessions with different teams. That way you can ensure everyone is receiving the best training possible to improve their performance.

  1. It improves staff loyalty

Many people see staff training as a quick road to losing employees after they gain new skills. However, providing opportunities for staff to learn and grow fosters loyalty among your team. It makes staff feel valued knowing their management teams want them to improve their skills and have professional development opportunities.

Last year, 1 in 5 Australians quit their job due to career limitations and lack of professional opportunities. Providing adequate training and opportunities to upskill and grow will improve loyalty among your staff and may result in increased staff retention rates.

  1. Increased skills

It goes without saying that workplace training will provide your staff with increased skills, which will ultimately benefit your business. However, have you thought about investing in training which will improve skills in areas your staff may not be familiar with?

Look into training sessions which improve their communication skills, leadership capabilities or conflict resolution to arm your team with a plethora of skills they can use in and out of the office.

  1. It creates a great work culture

According to the 2022 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, the number one driver of a positive work culture in a business is the opportunity to learn and grow.

Staff training is also a great opportunity for teams to mingle and get to know those who they may not see or work with as often. And after a long day of training, there’s nothing better than heading to your local venue for celebratory drinks and food to maintain the positive energy.

  1. It’s beneficial for the whole team – not just the ground-level staff

Staff training is beneficial and necessary for everyone on the organisational chart. From the ground-level staff running day-to-day operations all the way to Managing Directors and CEOs.

Businesses are best led by example, and to have training implemented from the top of the food chain through to the bottom creates equality amongst your team. It reinforces the importance of continuous improvement – just because you’re running a business doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve completed all your training. There are always areas you can improve in.

I will leave you with some food for thought which can be read in the 2022 LinkedIn Workplace Learning ReportLearning is the foundation of any great endeavour.

For a business to be great, their staff need to be consistently learning and improving.

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