The five golden rules to the perfect storefront

The five golden rules to the perfect storefront

Storefronts have been around for a mighty long time and the fact that people still thrive to create the perfect display is testament to their importance for your business and customers.

Head-turning window displays will not only tell your brand’s story; they act as the ultimate advertisement for your business by inspiring people who have never heard about you before to feel pulled to come through your doors and purchase your products.

As a shop owner myself and with a background in marketing and events management, I know the importance of my window display as one of my number one marketing tools and have developed my five golden tips to the perfect storefront so that you can benefit too.

1. Think unique and attention grabbing when it comes to styling your storefront. Use colour, movement, smells and beautiful products that bounce off your surroundings and make a statement about the interesting and enticing products or services you have in store.

2. Use layering in your storefront décor to create a story for passersby. Make sure the most important information is easily visible from the street and then work in more beautiful products and decorations to make your space even more appealing up close. Just make sure you don’t clutter the space too much, as this becomes messy and disguises your key messages.

3. Work off other events and activities in your neighbourhood. Beautiful displays that are timely and capture the excitement of occasions like Easter, Christmas, New Years and more, are always eye-catching as those moments are already on your customer’s minds. Even the seasons of the year can be a fantastic inspiration to work-off for your storefront. Just make sure you leave ample time to prepare and display your goods in this way before the occasion so that people can enjoy them.

4. You may have many products, decorations or pieces of information you want to use in your storefront at once, but it so important to strike the right balance in the look you choose. To create an aesthetically pleasing picture, think about the colours, shapes and sizes of the items you want to display and ensure they suit one another to create a cohesive image. Most importantly, don’t overdo your display by incorporating too many elements as it will confuse and overwhelm potential customers.

5. Your brand is your unique stamp and statement to the world and your window display should always be shaped around this. Work off your brand’s core colours, messages, products/services and values and then get a little crazy about how you advertise these to passersby.

When it comes to creating the perfect storefRont, my number one rule is to risk being slightly silly and let your creativity roam free. That’s certainly how I’ve approached the display at Palm & Pine and we get many fantastic comments from both customers online and who enter the doors.

So go store front wild!

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