Face Profiling in the digital space

Face Profiling in the digital space

Hunter-based entrepreneur and 'face profiler' Alan Stevens has found a way to embrace new technologies, by developing his own app ProfileMe.

It's touted as the world's first professional profiling app and enables users to better understand themselves and other people.

The ProfileMe app enables users to recognise how people prefer to behave by looking at the person's facial features and using the seven main traits – confidence, friendliness, tolerance, humour, generosity, how people view the world and personal magnetism.

Alan says that it's not that he was drawn to the field of profiling, that it was more of a progression with all of his past career endeavours being based around understanding the behaviour of people.

“Face profiling is the ability to read what people aren't saying, what they are trying to conceal and how they are likely to act in different situations,” Alan said.

“It consists of reading unconsciously leaked indicators of Body Language and Micro Expressions that indicate their true emotional state and the truth in any matter while also reading how a person consciously prefers to behave by reading their personality traits.”

Alan's services are often sought in the corporate space to assist with career assessments and personal development with the Newcastle Herald once describing Alan as “The Mentalist meets Dr Phil meets Dr Cal Lightman from Lie To Me”

“The most sort after service is the Rising Star Executive Development program which was developed for Executives of all levels, as well as HR and Recruitment Specialists.

“Any of my services are based on improving communication and relationships, with the major benefit to business anything up to a 36 per cent improvement in productivity.”

Alan is currently working on a second app, Profile Match, as well as apps for the dating industry.


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