Entrepreneur launches app designed for dog owners

Entrepreneur launches app designed for dog owners

At the age of just 24, Aloha K9 Founder Taylor Wheeler has built her first app designed to reduce anxiety and stress for dogs and owners.

The Aloha K9 Dog Training App provides tutorials and videos that guides owners in training their dogs in basic skills and advanced obedience.

Taylor developed the app following a growing understanding of the move of dogs towards family members and the increase in their inclusion in social activities. Effective training reduces anxiety for their dogs and owners, particularly in these now more social and community-based circumstances.

The app adds to a growing service that Aloha K9 provides.

Aloha K9 training is focussed on observing behaviours and using positive reinforcement to strengthen understanding and trust. Taylor said the name Aloha reflects the spirit of love and welcome to all and is the foundation of everything at Aloha K9.

“At Aloha, we work according to the dogs’ needs. If a dog starts to get upset, we stop training and then play games. When they are ready we continue,” Taylor said.

Taylor has trained staff in the spirit of Aloha to create uplifting experiences for all. Her own commitment to improve the lifestyles of owners and dogs shows in her volunteer work. She runs school programs teaching children how to interact safely with dogs. In addition, she volunteers with dog rescue organisations, educating foster carers in practical ways to develop confident well-behaved dogs ready to settle into a new forever home.

At the age of 14, Taylor began dog walking and became fascinated with the behaviours and interactions of the various dogs. She built on her experience with formal qualifications in Animal Care and Dog Training. After building up her business and operating two Aloha stores offering grooming, puppy preschool and a range of natural products for canine care over the past 10 years, she is moving forward to take a larger role as an educator.

IMAGE | Founder of Aloha K9, Taylor Wheeler.

Aloha K9

Taylor Wheeler is an experienced and certified dog trainer. From dog walking in her early teens, she developed a grooming business operating out of her parents’ garage. In 2013 Aloha K9 at Swansea was opened and a store at Bennetts Green followed. These stores provide grooming, puppy preschool and a range of natural products for canine care. Private training sessions are also available. The new Aloha K9 Dog Training App provides tutorials and videos that help owners with basic training to advanced obedience when and where it is convenient.

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