Ensuring the leadership population shifts to reflect the diversity of our society

Ensuring the leadership population shifts to reflect the diversity of our society

In Australia today, leadership ranks generally are not representative of society. At Verity Leadership, we are passionate about a having a leadership population that reflects society. 

The mission we have set ourselves is significant as the gap between the current and our desired future state is enormous. The situation today shows a lack of equality of opportunity in leadership, on a range of dimensions – gender is one, but sexuality, race, religion, being Indigenous , disability are others 

Gender is a relatively easy dimension to track. The World Economic Forum reports on gender equality by country every year. Since 2006 Australia has plummeted from 15th to 39th position in the world on these measures.  

Interestingly, according to the World Economic Forum we rank number one in the world on education of women. In Australia more than half our University graduates are women. We are promising them big, bright futures. They can do anything  until they find they can’t. 

The data says you are materially less likely to progress through leadership ranks. And you will be paid less too, over your career. 

I have a very strong personal value around fairness. I am very happy with my career but I have been the only woman in the room on many, many occasions. I just don’t see how this is equitable.  

The research also shows where Boards and Executive leadership have greater diversity organisations perform better, so there is also a strong economic case. I want to do everything I can to change the status quo.  

Verity Leadership are changing the leadership landscape to be more representative of society by delivering speaking and networking events, leadership workshops and mentoring programs for current and aspiring leaders in business, government and our communities.  

Verity Leadership is growing a network of leaders aligned on the principle of diversity in leadership, increasing awareness about diversity and having the desire to change. When leaders become involved with Verity Leadership they demonstrate their support for diversity of leadership in our society.  

There are a range of events in the 2019 program, the next of which is Port Authority Chief Operating Officer, Emma Fensom, talking with one of her foremost mentors, Tony Cousins on 23 May 2019 in Newcastle. This will be a unique opportunity to see two senior executives talk careers and challenges, their mentoring relationship and how it benefited both parties, and the importance of the role it played.   

To get involved leaders and aspiring leaders can apply for Verity Leadership mentoring scholarships (for the subscription cost of $99) – applications are NOW open.    

The mentoring scholarships run for five months with regular meetings between an experienced mentor and mentee. If you would like to be a mentor for Verity Leadership please visit our website www.verityhq.com.au or contact us at contact@verityhq.com.au.

We are also running the advanced mentoring workshop in June called Mentoring – Grow Yourself, to grow others’.  

This program is for experienced mentors and leaders wanting to maximise their own personal development via mentoring. In July there is a workshop on Goal Setting, to support career and personal development. Other events in 2019 include CEO Champions of Change speaking and networking event, and workshops on Coaching and Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations. Subscribers receive significant discounts on all events.   

IMAGE |  Founder and Director of Verity LeadershipKirsten Molloy  

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