Business Value Group for leaders eyes only

Business Value Group for leaders eyes only

HunterNet’s secrets to leadership have been leaked to the general public.

A memo shared with staff last week outlined the ‘styles of leadership’ and suggested leaders pay close attention to the boom/bust/boom cycle of business.

Styles of leadership listed ranged from autocratic to democratic, transformational to laissez-faire, but the key take away was to find the one suited for your business, depending on where it is in the cycle.

“There are a number of leadership styles to be aware of. So depending on what stage of the business cycle your company is in, can dictate the style you should engage in to maximise your success,” said the memo

Also listed were the four underlying needs of leadership; accountability, communication, expectation and consequence.

Good leaders are accountable for their own actions, can communicate clearly, set out clear expectations and, understand and explain the consequences of success or failure

The memo suggested leaders fail when they fall into the trap of going back to the way things were when business was booming.

HunterNet executives have remained tight lipped on the leak but say they had planned to share the information with members.

A Business Value Group (BVG) on the topic of leadership is scheduled for later this month. The event will be the second in a series held over the year.

Acting CEO Wayne Diemar was overheard saying the BVG forums run by HunterNet are proving to be the panacea for a lot of small businesses who have issues and are unsure who to talk to.

“The BVG has high quality leaders and experts who give their time freely to help other businesses in the region to solve those issues that are of most concern to SME’s and, in addition, provide pseudo mentoring for those that take note”

Earlier this year, HunterNet hosted a BVG focused on ‘doing business’, specifically the business of importing.

IMAGE | Guest speaker Hennie du Plooy for the Business Value Group forum.


HunterNet help businesses grow, innovate and thrive – and believe this begins with collaboration. By sharing ideas, developing capabilities, delivering support, and stimulating opportunities, HunterNet spark industry synergy, build strong work communities, unlock business acumen and create brighter futures for all.   

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