Business Improvement Association’s work with Newcastle Council on COVID-19 Resilience Package

Business Improvement Association’s work with Newcastle Council on COVID-19 Resilience Package

The newly established Business Improvement Association (BIA) framework has added its network to the City of Newcastle’s Resilience Package.

Representatives of BIA boards joined members from each of the precincts, as well as businesses from the Hunter Business Chamber and Business Centre networks via webcast to hear more about the $5.5 million Community and Economic Resilience package that was announced by Council last month.

The City of Newcastle utilised YouTube webcast technology to link up more than 450 viewers to talk about the package.

Hosted by Simon Massey, Economic Development Facilitator, and Dr Nathaniel Bavinton, Smart City Programme Coordinator, the pair provided a 45 minute webcast that focused on business related details of the package.

Viewers also had the opportunity to provide real time comments and questions.

According to the City of Newcastle, the package hopes to stimulate the local economy, which is a key focus area for all four Business Improvement Association’s for their endeavours in the next 12 months.

The BIA’s welcomed the work of Council and have begun to encourage local businesses to connect with some of the programs within the package during the COVID-19 crisis.

Hamilton Business Association Chair, Janice Musumeci, thanked Council for providing the program and access to information that would help business’ now and into the future.

“So many business are struggling to hang on. Across the city, retailers, hospitality and professional service businesses are looking for ways to build their own resilience and get through to recovery,” she said.

“This information and support is welcomed and we look forward to having input into the next phase.”

Kath Teagle from the Mayfield BIA said that with these resources businesses can be better equipped for the future.

“Access to online resources and training programs would be beneficial to local business looking for ways to prepare for the future,” she said.

Damien O’Brien from the Newcastle City BIA added that through local collaboration and support, businesses will be able to get through this time with greater ease.

“It was important for business to work together and help each either find the right kind of information and support. This package was a welcomed local addition,” he said.

The BIA’s will continue to work with Council and their elected representatives to provide ongoing feedback. 

IMAGE |  Representatives of the BIA’s in Newcastle, Anthony Strachan, Craig Budden, Sandra Maloy, Kath Teagle, Chris Fowler, Damien O’Brien, Cornelia Shultz, Marty Adnum, Michael Chapman, Sherynne Smith and Joe Relic.

City of Newcastle

In 2030, Newcastle will be a smart, liveable and sustainable city.

Council developed and adopted a suite of strategic documents to guide delivery of Council's seven key strategic directions, outlined in the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan.

  •  A Connected City
  •  A Protected and Enhanced Environment
  •  Vibrant and Activated Public Places
  •  A Caring and Inclusive Community
  •  A Liveable and Distinctive Built Environment
  •  A Smart and Innovative City
  •  Open and Collaborative Leadership

This planning strategy has assisted in the delivery of a City Revitalisation Program that has encouraged a large investment in the City by both Government and private investors that are willing to prove that Newcastle is ready for change.   

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