Benefits of going through a buyer’s agent in 2020

Benefits of going through a buyer’s agent in 2020

With the changing landscape of Australia in 2020, it can put businesses and localised economies at risk.

Political and global unprecedented changes, such as the Australian bushfires and the coronavirus epidemic, have shaped the Australian real estate market in more ways than forecasted.

In times of such changes and challenges, it leaves many feeling vulnerable about their investment in the real estate market. After all, who knows what might happen or what the best deals are when there is so much noise around?

In order to build confidence around investment decisions, there is a need to be well-informed. If he/she is interested in investing in the stock markets, there are stock brokers around. However, to invest in the Australian real estate market, property agents may not be the first people to approach.

After all, they might not have my best interest at heart as they are looking to make a profit margin out of each deal from the vendor.

Property agents’ interest is to get the vendor the best price when selling their property, whereas a buyer’s agent interest is to help the buyer get right deal for the right property.

What is a buyer’s agent?

A property buyer’s agent professional has your commercial interests at heart when you are playing in the real estate arena. Whilst a relatively new concept in Australia, a licensed professional buyer’s agent who is familiar with the real estate market can have great benefits for the buyer.

As an experienced property investor, I have learnt by many mistakes of the importance of seeking professional advice. There are so many benefits if you’re a first home buyer or looking to build your real estate portfolio. You not only get the benefit of professional advice, but you also gain great guidance and education along the way.

Over the years, I have realised the tremendous benefits of using a buyer’s agent, and this motivated me to become a buyer’s agent now helping help others gain great benefit too.

These benefits include:

  • Valuable market insights that I would otherwise not get, leading to me getting only the latest most exclusive deals on the market,
  • Saving money and time,
  • Saving people from making common mistakes,
  • Providing real local knowledge of the area I wish to invest in,
  • Negotiating on my behalf and therefore removing any emotion with the purchase, and
  • Providing me access to top professionals in their network so that my property purchase can be looked after only by the best.

Hunter Region growth forecast

As part of Australia’s economic growth forecast, regional areas such as the Hunter, Corio Bay and Margaret River have been predicted to grow more than the major Australia cities.

The Hunter region, for example, is forecasted to almost double its economic output by 2036, from 36.9 billion AUD in 2012 to 64.8 billion AUD.

This can be attributed to the strategy of growing the economic activity in the region in order to make it into an economic hub of NSW. This region is becoming a popular area for growth and affordability and there are great investment opportunities to be found in the current market.

Having a buyer’s agent that can help you to navigate the property market is priceless!

As a professional looking to expand their business ventures in the Hunter region, real estate is a lucrative area that may interest you. It is critical to have a reliable and trustworthy buyer’s agent familiar with the Hunter region to be successful in developing your property portfolio or business in NSW’s upcoming major hub.

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