Wrecked cars to drive TAFE NSW Auto Students forward

Wrecked cars to drive TAFE NSW Auto Students forward

According to the latest TAFE NSW research, ‘motor mechanic’ is the occupation expected to experience the largest employment growth in the NSW Automotive Trades and Services industry over the three years to 2021. 

Those looking to capitalise on plentiful job opportunities will do well to seek hands-on education and training first.

This is the case for TAFE NSW Glendale students, who can now get their hands even dirtier thanks to a delivery of three written-off late-model cars from national insurance company Suncorp, which arrived today. 

The vehicles will play a key role in providing students with real-world training in repairs and maintenance. 

“We already have plenty of state-of-the-art training equipment, but having whole cars will make a difference. They will be a valuable practical teaching and learning resource that will enable students to be job-ready, to learn how to bring a damaged car up to a customer’s expectations,” TAFE NSW Head Teacher for Light Automotive, Dave Allen said. 

“It’s the hands-on experience TAFE NSW provides that sets us apart from other training providers and ensures students receive currency of training. These vehicles will be integral in our training and used every week, shared across automotive repair and maintenance, panel beating and vehicle painting, and our light vehicle apprentices, pre-apprentices and high school students. Everyone will benefit. We owe a big thanks to Suncorp.” 

“Suncorp is a proud supporter of automotive training for apprentices, and is pleased to donate three late model damaged vehicles to TAFE NSW Glendale,” Suncorp Executive Manager, Assessing & Repair Performance, Brett Wallace said. 

“We know this is the best way to tackle one of the major challenges facing the motor vehicle repair industry – reaching, engaging and developing skilled apprentices of the future. Our support of this latest industry initiative, in partnership with TAFE NSW and AAPR, will further assist in educating today’s apprentices to become tomorrow’s technicians.” 

“One of AAPR’s major goals, via its Auto Skills Jobs Site program, is to assist with securing our future workforce of tomorrow. Another major goal, via our Auto Industry Team program, is to seek out key industry stakeholders to assist with continuously developing the knowledge base of today’s automotive apprentices and technician,” AAPR (Australian Association of Progressive Repairers) CEO Greg Preston said. 

“We are very grateful to TAFE NSW for their support and being a part of this project, and especially to Suncorp for its ongoing support and commitment to the automotive repair industry by providing these vehicles to increase the knowledge base and technical expertise of automotive apprentices at TAFE NSW Glendale.” 

IMAGE | Suncorp, AAPR and TAFE NSW representatives 


TAFE NSW is Australia’s largest training and education provider with more than 500,000 enrolments and 1,200 courses. As an education innovator, we’re focused on shaping the future through state-of-the-art facilities, systems, technology and teachers. Our graduates are equipped for the jobs of today and the careers of the future.

TAFE NSW offers the best of campus-based delivery as well as flexible, online and work-based learning. Collaboration, diversity and the strong relationships between our locations contribute to and magnify the value of TAFE NSW and importantly, the benefits that we deliver to communities and the economy of NSW.


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