The Marketing GP and Pyjama Foundation partners to support little kids with big dreams

The Marketing GP and Pyjama Foundation partners to support little kids with big dreams

On 21 July thousands of people in Australia will wear their PJs to the office and events to help raise awareness of the educational programs needed for children in foster care.

One business who has already jumped into their favourite set of PJs for the cause is The Marketing GP.

Located in Carrington, staff wore their pyjamas to work and to client meetings to help raise awareness of The Pyjama Foundation’s work to change the future for foster care children.

The business has currently topped the donation board at $2,500 and Managing Director, Holly Martin said they’re not done yet.

“We are passionate about helping causes which have immediate impact on bettering our surrounding community,” Holly said.

“Beginning life in such a challenging way can really put a brake on a child’s development. We are proud to support a cause which is finding ways to give children in foster care the self-confidence and learning abilities they need to put them on a stronger path towards their aspirations.”

Ashley was just six years old when he entered foster care. Born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Ashley’s neurological and physiological development was largely compromised which meant he struggled to keep up with the milestones of his peers.

Every hour, two vulnerable children like Ashley enters foster care in Australia and faces the challenge of reaching their potential whilst battling a past of trauma, disconnection and vulnerability.

Ashley found friendship and support through The Pyjama Foundation.

Children in foster care face a higher risk of dropping out of high school and entering the juvenile justice system. The Pyjama Foundation is helping to break that cycle by connecting vulnerable children with Pyjama Angels, who help children to regain confidence and learn in a way that works best for them.

Jenny, Ashley’s Pyjama Angel, has become a trusted friend for Ashley. She has been by his side through some of the more difficult times in his life and helped him to grow into the kind, caring and empathetic person he is today.

The Marketing GP’s donation will help towards facilitating the Foundation’s Love of Learning program. The program sees voluntary Pyjama Angels connected with a foster child after being screened trained and matched.

Founder of The Pyjama Foundation, Bronwyn Sheehan OAM said thanks to the support of community members during National Pyjama Day, thousands more children like Ashley can find their way after an often-tumultuous start.

“Children in care have the lowest education outcomes nationally. Our Love of Learning Program connects Pyjama Angels with vulnerable children in foster care to improve their learning skills, self-confidence and their future life outcomes,” Bronwyn.

“We are so thankful to the people who get behind this important cause and look forward to seeing businesses, schools and individuals getting involved on 21 July.”

For kids like Ashley, the Pyjama Angels play a much larger role in the kid’s lives. 16 years later, Ashley and his Angel, Jenny, continue to be the best of friends.

Get involved in National Pyjama Day or host your own event throughout July to September to help facilitate educational pathways and support for kids in foster care. Click here for more information.

IMAGE | The Marketing GP rocking their PJs for their hosted office Pyjama day.

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