Shift to connectedness the key to innovation

Shift to connectedness the key to innovation

Innovation expert Christina Gerakiteys understands that for many entrepreneurs and intrapeneurs, professional development is inextricably linked to personal development. As CEO of Ideation at Work, Christina has used this positioning to develop a unique intensive training and self-development program to unlock creativity and innovation through a strategic blend of work, passion and play against the backdrop of an idyllic Greek Island in July this year.

The “Unlocking Creativity and Innovation – A Greek Isle Retreat” is designed to amplify each participant’s potential in order to increase business and personal productivity.

“More and more these days we’re realising that if we want to be successful in our lives and successful in our businesses, we really need to do a lot of work on personal development,” Christina said.

Christina believes that uncovering authenticity is the true path to success.

“What we’re finding is the more work you do on yourself, the more you find who you are, what you really stand for and what you’re really passionate about, the more you will understand what you want your business to represent and what you want to represent in yourself,” she said.

Topics covered at the retreat include leadership, purpose and harnessing passion, which will allow participants to realise the doors they want to open in their life and actively create the opportunity to take the path towards them.

“We will borrow design thinking principles, which are all about layering ideas from different aspects of your life – and indeed even different industries – together,” Christina continued.

The design thinking process follows three primary stages of inspiration, ideation and implementation. Aligned to the IDEO adaptation of the model, the concept revolves around a human-centred approach to problem solving.

Christina is confident that connecting participants from South Africa, Australia and the UK will be a powerful starting point in itself.

“We already have a group of motivated, like-minded individuals from around the world, who will be sharing ideas, diversifying thinking and pushing their own limits and boundaries,” she said. “Uncovering these truths and pain points will be the key to finding points of confidence and strength.”

“It is all about trust and disruption… after all, we are here to trigger growth, with a passionate focus on people and humanity. We’ll challenge the status quo, but we’ll keep it real. And that’s where the magic will happen,” Christina concluded.

Over the five days of workshop components, the program will draw on a variety of tools and skills including the Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Brain Shifting and Agile Flow. Themes will include collaboration, leadership, idea generation and strategic planning using creative and innovative thinking concepts and techniques. Each day will be bookended by yoga sessions and include time for reflection and relaxation.

Time has also been scheduled to connect with fellow participants, clear the mind, explore the island and restore energy.

The retreat is all-inclusive will take place from 23-30 July 2016.

Ideation At Work

Ideation At Work is a consultancy advising SMEs and corporates, how to put 'thinking' and 'creative' back into everyday ops to foster innovation.

They enable businesses and organisations to generate ideas, create opportunities for incremental, disruptive or destructive innovation, and action those ideas and opportunities into reality. 

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