Seven reasons sourcing business services locally will benefit your business

Seven reasons sourcing business services locally will benefit your business

We’re living in an age where we want results fast, and we want to work with people who understand our business. 

We’re all about supporting local and shopping local when it comes to wholesale and retail trade. So, where is that same focus when it comes to sourcing professional services for your business? 

We’ve all been through the painful process of using a large service provider and being put through to their customer service team based who knows where. It makes it difficult to relay the problem and find a solution quickly.

Sourcing locally not only benefits the region, but also your business. I’ve covered why below and, being an IT service provider, used our service industry as an example.

I hope this provides food for thought when it comes to considering your next business service partnership.

1. It makes dealing with problems easier.

Forget overseas calls with an international time difference. By sourcing locally you’re speaking to someone in the same time zone as you – who could be just around the corner from your business!

When you source your services locally, you have someone on hand who can help quickly without the cost of sending someone on a big travel adventure to your business. For us as Strategic Group, it means we can help resolve any IT issues our clients have faster, so they experience limited downtime and minimise effects on productivity.

2. They understand how your business operates more than a service provider located elsewhere.

Working with a business based locally means you have access to someone who understands your industry, the local environment, and the right solutions for your needs and goals.

We like to get to the hear of our client’s businesses so we can offer IT solutions that help them to grow and be more effective. We have the capabilities, time and passion for doing that, which offers more meaningful results for the businesses we partner with.

3. You can have in-person meetings (only if you want to!).

Talking to people face-to-face still has a significant place in any partnership. In fact, having the option for a face-to-face meeting is extremely valuable in our industry, as IT can be complex for business owners. Using a Newcastle supplier means you can hold meetings with your service provider in the way you prefer, which can mean an increase in productivity and results from those conversations.

4. They can identify opportunities for growth.

There’s a culture of supporting fellow Newcastle businesses in our region, which is part of the reason we all love operating in this area. As an IT provider with our head office here in Newcastle, we’re able to partner with local businesses and provide real solutions that are tailored and designed to help local businesses succeed. And we love nothing more than seeing our clients evolve into local, national and international success stories.

5. Have more time to focus on your business.

If you’re a business owner, then you have a lot of daily operational tasks to juggle. Add on the frustration of long customer service processes to get help from a large supplier and your day just got a whole lot longer.

Working with a local IT supplier, for example, means your partner can be more reactive to your needs and provide a better customer experience, which reduces admin time on your end.

6. Enjoy more flexibility.

For some businesses, scaling quickly to meet a product or service demand or to fulfil a lucrative bid means having a supplier on hand that can support your needs, quickly.

Again, using IT as an example, having the systems in place to support your business as it scales is important to your success. And working with a local provider means you can receive customised services quickly to meet that demand.

7. It benefits the economy and supports the community.

Just like shopping locally or supporting small local businesses, locally sourcing your business support services helps the Newcastle economy. And your business’ success as a result of a better partnership for your required services in turn means you have more capabilities to support your employee’s needs (which means they are more likely to invest in local shopping and services) and fundraise and sponsor local community initiatives.

So, it’s a win-win for all.

So how can I find a local IT provider who is best-fit for my business?

Like many outsourced providers for businesses, it’s often a case of trial and error to find the right one for you. 

Look for an IT provider backed by experience, who works in your industry and will understand your business. You deserve a personalised IT approach, not a case number in an overseas call centre.

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