Message from HunterNet | HunterNet welcomes new team of industry advisors

Message from HunterNet | HunterNet welcomes new team of industry advisors

Last month HunterNet welcomed Boris Novak to the team as Industry Advisor. Many of our members will already know Boris as he has been a long-standing member and contributor to HunterNet. Boris possesses a Bachelor of Engineering and Advanced Diploma of Administration. He has a long track record in developing and commercialising technologies and processes. Having owned and operated his own business, Boris is acutely aware of the challenges and emerging opportunities across our regional industrial landscape.

Earlier this month, Jacqui Warren was promoted to the position of Industry Advisor. Many of our members will already know Jacqui as she has been HunterNet’s Office Manager for the past two years. By virtue of this experience, Jacqui possesses a comprehensive knowledge of all members of the network. Further, she possesses a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws from the University of New England, and a strong background in commercial, strategic and legal advisory, as well as forum/event management.

We also welcomed Tim Owen AM to the role of Industry Advisor in October last year. Tim’s role focuses primarily on the defence industry, specifically on leveraging opportunities for the region in conjunction with Defence NSW and other key stakeholders. Tim has over 30 years of operational, staff and command experience in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), rising to the rank of Air Commodore (Brigadier General). He has also worked as a consultant for several key Hunter-based and international defence businesses. These include the Varley Group, Ampcontrol Limited, Forsons Group, Boeing Australia and Coherent Technical Systems Incorporated in the USA.

Boris, Jacqui and Tim now round out our team of Industry Advisors and, between them, provide diverse support and advisory across the HunterNet Network.

Tony Cade

Chief Executive Officer

HunterNet Co-operative

On behalf of the members of HunterNet

IMAGE | HunterNet has welcomed two new employees to its team (Boris Novak and Tim Owen) and announced the promotion of Jacqui Warren.


HunterNet help businesses grow, innovate and thrive – and believe this begins with collaboration. By sharing ideas, developing capabilities, delivering support, and stimulating opportunities, HunterNet spark industry synergy, build strong work communities, unlock business acumen and create brighter futures for all.   

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