Local small business officially recognized among the most inspiring organisations globally

Local small business officially recognized among the most inspiring organisations globally

A Newcastle based small business, BU Happiness College, has been named as one of the most inspiring organisations in the world. They were awarded the accolade after being selected for inclusion in the new book “The World’s Most Inspiring Businesses 2021”.

Announcing their inclusion, the book’s author, Steve Pipe, said; “BU Happiness College is raising the bar for small businesses globally, inspiring an entire generation, and making a profound difference to the planet and to humanity. And one thing is really clear… the world would be a much better place if more organisations were like them.”

BU Happiness College had previously been recognised as the Social Enterprise of the Year in 2020 by the Hunter Business Awards and has remained dedicated to their vision of “growing global happiness”.

Since starting in 2017 they’re proud to have provided ‘Personal Happiness Coaching’ to individuals throughout Australia and, due to public demand, they have begun offering ‘Workplace Happiness Consulting’ to help workplaces improve their culture and staff wellbeing.

BU Happiness College’s Founder, Declan Edwards, said; “We are humbled and proud to be named as one of the world’s most inspiring businesses. We have always believed passionately that every business has the power to change lives and to make life better for our customers, teams, and their families by the work we do, and how we do it. And also to make life better for people we may never meet, and in places we may never travel to.”

“We’ve always supported the wonderful work done locally for our community and we’re proud to be known as a social enterprise that is growing global happiness.”

“But now we’ve incorporated even greater purpose and meaning into what we do, by also playing our part in helping to make the world a better place by achieving the UN Global Goals for humanity. So that we can end global poverty, tackle injustice, and reverse climate change.”

“It’s why we’ve set a target to help unlock 100,000 positive impacts in those areas by 2030. We are proud of the 5,000 days of help we have already unlocked and we are thrilled to see our commitment to those things being recognised on a global stage,” he said.

To celebrate their achievement BU Happiness College is offering complimentary connection sessions with one of their ‘Happiness Coaches’ for anyone who would like practical, down-to-earth support with their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The college are also offering complimentary ‘Workplace Happiness Scoping’ sessions to any organisation that wishes to invest in the happiness, performance, and culture of their workplace this year.


IMAGE | Bu Happiness College founder, Declan Edwards.

Bu Happiness

BU Happiness College is a locally owned and run organisation with a focus on global impact. Through Personal Happiness Coaching, Workplace Happiness Consulting, and a range of practical tools to promote mental and emotional wellbeing, BU Happiness College is proud to be growing global happiness from our hometown of Newcastle.

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