Local property agency maximising positive energy for sales

Local property agency maximising positive energy for sales

Every feature in a property impacts a sale.

East Maitland based business, McElwaine Estate Agents, has taken the meticulous detailing involved in preparing the features of a property for sale to a new level by introducing feng shui to its service.

Feng shui is the traditional Chinese art of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance success, health and happiness for inhabitants.

The practice has grown in popularity in western countries and Founder of McElwaine Estate Agents, Natasha McElwaine said feng shui is proving to have a significant effect on property prices in the Hunter.

“Feng shui is built on the balance of energies and creating spaces that encourage positive energy to flow through your home. Positive energy is what attracts buyers,” Natasha said.

“I’ve studied the art of feng shui for more than five years and have naturally used elements for some of our client’s homes to great effect.

“Guests to the open homes may not be able to put their finger on it, but there’s something that makes them feel at home; and buyers purchase properties through these emotions.”

Natasha said that although the practice they follow is comprehensive, bringing elements into your own home can be easy.

“Little things like decluttering your home to let the energy flow, placing indoor and outdoor plants near your front door and fixing any leaky taps that signify money going down the drain, can make a big different to people financially, health wise and for overall happiness,” Natasha said.

Having worked overseas selling properties on the man-made Palm Island in Dubai, Natasha has brought global influences and approaches to McElwaine Estate Agents, which is now in its tenth year of operation.

“Our approach to selling is built on staying innovative, creative and fresh and bringing world class strategies to the Hunter region,” Natasha said.

“It means staying nimble to new technologies and approaches in the industry as well as recognising the values and strengths of more traditional practices, such as feng shui.”

IMAGE | McElwaine Estate Agents are using feng shui to help boost the price of property sales for clients.

McElwaine Estate Agents

McElwaine Estate Agents is one of the leading property marketers in the Hunter Valley. Based in East Maitland, the business offers a team of top agents and a world-class approach to property sales built on creativity, innovation, negotiation and local knowledge.

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