Local podcaster provides help to small law firms during lockdown

Local podcaster provides help to small law firms during lockdown

Newcastle podcaster, Brendan Kelso has been providing free marketing advice for law firms during the lockdown with his podcast, Better Law Firm Marketing.

Brendan was inspired to double down on his podcast when he noticed the need for support and knowledge from smaller law firms who were trying to navigate the lockdown shift.

His podcast Better Law Firm Marketing reaches over 70 countries, with a strong following in Newcastle.

“I’ve always focused on Australia and New Zealand. But I get some random emails. Like, the other day, a subscriber from Pretoria (South Africa) hit me up! It’s pretty crazy,” Brendan said.

He plans to release more episodes and bring on guests. Including other Lawyers across the nation to expose small law firms to a wider audience.

“When I started the podcast, I just did solo episodes, providing detailed advice and commentary on a specific topic. But these days, I like to mix it up by interviewing experts,” he said.

Guests include lawyers, business coaches, business development consultants, and other marketing experts.

“I really wanted to give people the best information possible. So, I’ve been reaching out to the best minds in legal marketing, self-care, and business development.”

One of the Newcastle lawyers he has interviewed is Adrian Corbould Partner) from Turnbull Hill Lawyers.

“I was thrilled when Adrian also left me a 5-star Google review! He’s been listening to the podcast since the early days. So, it was really humbling to have him as a guest and to also receive the review.”

The podcast has attracted new clients to Brendan’s law firm marketing agency, Legalsites. But his number one objective is to provide high-quality free content.

Brendan is also a law graduate from the University of Newcastle (B Comm LLB Hons). He founded Legalsites in 2019, with services that include web design, SEO, Google Ads, consulting, email marketing and more.

Better Law Firm Marketing has been ranked as one of the top legal marketing podcast on Apple Podcasts and has over 50 episodes.

IMAGE | Brendan Kelso, the man behind the Better Law Firm Marketing podcast.


Legalsites is a law firm marketing agency in Australia. 

Services include web design, SEO, Google Ads, consulting, email marketing and more. 

Founded by law graduate, Brendan Kelso (B Comm LLB Hons). 

We help law firms get more leads, more clients and more profit.

Proudly serving clients through Australia.

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