Have you got the right energy for business?

Have you got the right energy for business?

When you think about some of the biggest and most inspiring brands in the world, we often associate our thoughts with a feeling that they create in us. In fact, today’s most trustworthy brands have created relationships with their customers through a feeling and an energy they’ve crafted through their marketing, brand and products.

Focusing on energy in business is powerful because it works.

If you think about it, all of life is energy. In fact, think of the world as an ocean of energy – it’s constantly flowing and moving, always changing with the currents through time and space. Physicists acknowledge that the atoms and molecules in all things are constantly in motion.

It’s no wonder our businesses are constantly changing and we are continually looking to innovate and improve for our customers, our communities and for ourselves.

When I look at bringing chi (the life giving, vital energy that connects body, mind and spirit) into a home for sale through feng shui, I’m not just looking at the way materials have been thrown together for comfort and shelter. I am also looking at the space’s infinite, vibrating energy field. Now it might sound strange, but the same rings true for business.

While you may not be able to control all of the negative energy around you, you do have the power to control how you exert your own energy in a positive way. The energy we create for ourselves is powerful enough to build success or lead to our demise.

Here are my top tips on bringing the right energy into your business:

Awareness is the first step.

Being aware of the energy in your business environment is essential to understand the type of energy that exists and whether it needs to change for a positive and productive environment.

Positive words bring positive energy.

That starts with your mission statement and values. What are they? The colours in a vibrational sense that come from the values or mission statements are the energy around the branding (both internal and external) and this translates to the subconscious minds of both clients and staff and give them something to engage and relate with. In other words, our values are the foundation to create good energy or chi to flow through the business.

Take a look at your vision and mission – do they create positive feelings?

The positive energy in the business rolls out into the marketing and public presence.

All aspects of your marketing must carry the same message as the brand and the core energy type must be at the heart of the business. That’s when good energy, or chi, can be achieved.

Make sure your team and office are well looked after.

The feelings your team has for the business must be on par with the feeling you are looking to create. Working a full day can be energy draining for your staff. Look to provide energy-boosting activities, such as short breaks, laughter, positive recognition and opportunities for creativity.

Think about the way your office allows energy to flow through and consider feng shui to boost the energy in each space (this is another topic in itself).

Don’t wait for others to ignite a positive energy in your business and life. You have the power to create a positive, motivational and creative environment of chi as an individual.

So, do you have the right energy for business?

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