Get up to speed on newly announced labour hire regulations

Get up to speed on newly announced labour hire regulations

Having recently addressed the introduction of the single national labour hire regulation, or the National Framework of Labour Hire, I am pleased to provide our perspective and its significant implications for Newcastle and the wider Hunter Region.

This framework, collaboratively designed by government agencies, industry representatives, and labour organisations, seeks to build a transparent and equitable system for labour-hire arrangements across Australia and here in our region.

Labour hire work, known to many as on-hire or agency work, is instrumental in our local labour market. Businesses across Newcastle and the Hunter Region regularly opt for these arrangements to deal with peak workloads and supplement labour capacity.

Critical sectors in our region, such as aged care, disability services, and IT, rely heavily on labour hire, as do our seasonal industries.

Drawing from my experience in workplace relations and employment legislation, the National Framework of Labour Hire marks a significant step forward in ensuring fair practices in our local industry. It sets consistent standards, providing enhanced protection for our workforce and clear expectations for labour-hire providers in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

The framework champions responsible business operations aimed at reducing worker exploitation. It is an invaluable tool for fostering compliance and accountability within the labour-hire industry in our region.

The transition might pose challenges for some local employers. Still, the long-term benefits will be transformative, fostering a stronger regional workforce and enhancing the overall reputation of our local labour-hire industry.

We recommend finding a local solutions-driven company, like our own, to help walk you through these new responsibilities.

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