Get started on your HR New Year’s resolution

Get started on your HR New Year’s resolution

Take a moment and contemplate the question of human resources (HR) in your organisation. As a business leader, are you setting context for your HR team? If the answer is yes, is your people capability equipped to take that vision forward and execute or are they relying on you for answers to how?

As the leader of your organisation, you know that you are operating in an environment of varying degrees of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – you may even thrive on it! How do you then enable your organisation to successfully navigate the challenges it will invariably be faced with?

By considering a significant pillar of capability in the achievement of strategy – People.

With the new year upon us, now is the time to ask the bold questions and set your HR Roadmap for next year. People and performance are functions that are incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by – suddenly it is November and we look back on the year that was, asking what did we achieve?

A Roadmap is a plan that sets the intent of your HR function to ensure the firefighting and transactional responsibilities of the team are underpinned by ongoing strategic projects that will build capability, strengthen your people frameworks and deliver the workforce you need to achieve your organisational goals.

There’s no time like now to asses these key questions:
• How is HR going to support your organisational strategy?
• What are your people priorities that will see some tangible wins for your team?
• How can you measure and report on HR outcomes to your board and executive?
• What are you doing to be better, bolder and braver in your people practices in 2018?

This is a great time to use the experience of the year that was to set priorities for the year to come, and apply some useful questions to your people strategy.

What worked for you this year?

Consider the well-received initiatives and the ongoing success stories in your organisation and unpack the reasons why and the sustainable structures that support these wins that you need to replicate.

What were your symptoms of people pain?

Make next year the year that you take on your ongoing people challenges – and win!

Where would you like to see growth and change happen?

Be bold and brave in setting your future state, and then surround yourself with the expertise to make it happen. 2018 may not be the year that all is accomplished; however, it can be the year that you started.

Don’t let your HR team fall into a transactional rut. Provide them with the tools to think strategically, set the intent and drive change in your organisation instead of allowing change to happen to you.

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