Emergence of Australia’s smart future inspires Hunter company’s renewal

Emergence of Australia’s smart future inspires Hunter company’s renewal

The Advitech Group, Newcastle’s long-established collaboration of specialised engineering and technical sciences companies, has reinvented itself to meet the challenges of positioning the Hunter for a prosperous future.

For over 30 years the Advitech Group has been delivering innovative solutions to complex challenges across a range of sectors including resources, manufacturing, agriculture, and defence.

The Advitech Group has grown and evolved, and over time its member companies have developed their own unique identities.

At the same time, the business and industrial landscape of the Hunter has changed and is developing rapidly.

Engineer of 30+ years’ experience and Managing Director of the Advitech Group, Steven Smith said the Group wanted to reflect this evolution yet continue to present as a unified team of companies responsive to the needs of its community.

To this end, the Advitech Group has changed its name to Emergent Group.

“We chose the name Emergent Group as it derives from the concept of emergence, which refers to how complex systems give rise to novel and unique properties,” Steven said.

“Naming our business Emergent Group acknowledges that we see the environment in which we operate as a complex ecosystem of interactions – between staff, clients, government and broader society,” he said.

Emergent Group’s engineers, scientists, designers, analysts, and systems specialists value these interactions, recognising that the resulting web of events and outcomes can lead to exciting new possibilities.

The Hunter Regional Plan 2036, a 20-year blueprint for the future of the Hunter, aims to create the leading regional economy in Australia.

Among other emerging industries, it highlights advanced manufacturing, defence and mining equipment, technology, and services. Each of these being a perfect fit for the skills and experience of Emergent Group.

The Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy Make it happen outlines plans to build robust manufacturing businesses to help deliver a strong, modern and resilient economy for all Australians.

Emergent Group is well-placed to help clients across Australia contribute to this $1.5 billion initiative.

Emergent Group consists of

  • Advitech Pty Ltd – Engineering and Environmental Consulting
  • Novecom Pty Ltd – Monitoring, Sensors and IoT
  • Acubis Technologies Pty Ltd – Remote Communications
  • Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) Pty Ltd – Modelling scenarios to inform decisions

The four companies together offer a strategic blend of skills, experience, connections, and agility to deliver innovative solutions for businesses and government.

Businesses in mining, manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, transport and more have all benefited from the expertise the companies of Emergent Group have provided.

Novecom has established expertise in environmental monitoring, sensors, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Working with the Australian mining sector, Novecom developed Sentinex, a product that is widely recognised as the benchmark in environmental compliance monitoring in NSW and Queensland.

IMAGE | Managing Director of Emergent Group (formerly Advitech Group), Steven Smith.

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