How to easily find content for your business in 2019

How to easily find content for your business in 2019

We all know we should be posting to our blog and business social media platforms regularly but finding content and coming up with ideas can be challenging when you’ve got work to do or a business to run.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that involves providing valuable, free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

So, why does content marketing work?

  • It helps you build brand awareness that engages target buyers
  • It can position you or your business as an industry expert
  • It helps you educate your customers and move them through the buyer’s journey more quickly
  • More content gives your website visitors a reason to stick around and it can make you more discoverable on Google

But what kind of content can you share and where do you find it?

I’ll show you two of my favourite sources of great content but before I do, a word of warning: don’t just copy the content and hit post.

Put your own spin on the latest news that pertains to your industry or business.

Great content source #1: Google Alerts.

This is the best. Pop in the keywords that relate to your industry and opt to receive emails daily or weekly with news articles or blog posts that contain the keywords you’ve specified.

Great content source #2: Facebook’s ‘See First’ notifications

This is the lazy way to have great content pop up first in your Facebook newsfeed. Do you follow an industry journal or a key influencer in your field on Facebook?

If so, go to their Facebook business page and like the page if you haven’t already. Next to the Like button, select the Following button’s drop-down tab and choose See First.

I’ve opted to see Social Media Today’s posts first and it’s great. I get to my desk in the morning, open Facebook and that page has typically shared three to four posts overnight, which are all at the top of my newsfeed. It ensures I’m across all the latest social media news and gives me some ideas for content I can share.

Here’s how to use the content you find online in four easy steps:

  1. State what the news is that affects your industry or your followers.
  2. Highlight who this applies to: it could be a certain demographic or your followers in a specific location.
  3. Action steps: include a solution or guidance on the issue or even point your followers to more information.
  4. Share an example or case study that could make the concept more tangible.

So, for example I typically search for content relating to the latest social media updates. Following this four-step process, a social media or blog post of mine could look like this:

  1. Instagram has just made Shoppable posts available. This is big news because in the past links were only available in the bio in the account’s profile or via paid Instagram advertising.
  2. This update applies to those with an Instagram business account who also have a Facebook store selling physical goods.
  3. Make sure your Facebook store is set up properly, connect it to Instagram and start posting.
  4. Adidas is one of the major, international brands that uses Shoppable posts. Check out how this company uses this new feature by searching for them on Instagram.

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