Earp Distilling Co. brings home four World Gin Awards

Earp Distilling Co. brings home four World Gin Awards

Having opened their doors a little over a year ago, Newcastle’s family-owned distillery, Earp Distilling Co. is already receiving international recognition.

Shining a spotlight on the quality and flavour of Australian craft gins, Earp Distilling Co. took home a total of four medals at the World Gin Awards for 2021.

The Awards received included;

  • Just Juniper receiving Gold in the London Dry Gin Category,
  • 8 Dry Gin receiving Silver in the London Dry Gin Category,
  • Barrel Aged Portside Gin receiving Silver in the Matured Gin Category, and
  • Portside Gin receiving Bronze in the Navy Strength Gin Category

Founder and Distiller, Michael Earp said this recognition is an honour and a testament to their many years of hard-work and attention to detail.

“Receiving recognition in the World Gin Awards for 2021 literally means the world to us, as it confirms we are on the right track with our spirit development,” Michael said.

“After taking a risk with our next generation equipment, we now have full confidence in our ability to produce the highest quality spirits, which together with the support of Novocastrians, should help to pin Newcastle on the distilling globe.

“Our team is so passionate about helping the spirit curious understand that craft distilling in Australia is about to explode with amazing products like the Australian wine industry did 30 odd years ago.”

On that note, sustainability remains a core mission for the Earp Distilling Co, with their ultra-modern stills operating at up to 90 per cent more energy efficiency than regular, traditional copper stills.

Implementing a cooling system to recycle 100 per cent of water used in the distillation, and recycling all by-products as agricultural feed and fertiliser, Earp Distilling Co sets out to be one of the most sustainable distilleries in operation.

“We have the willingness, the natural resources, the passion and innovation to strive for the very top and we have a great chance of success as an industry working together and competing on the international arena,” Michael said.

Earp Distilling Co. Marketing Manager, Josh Earp said their family business has come a long way and it’s great to look back at the history that has made their Award-winning gin.

“After almost 138 years and six generations, our family business has continually adapted and Earp Distilling Co. is the next evolution of this,” Josh said.

“With deep roots in the Newcastle area, we are so proud to be building an Australian brand name in spirits right here in our home town.

“We recently looked back through our ledgers from the late 1800’s and found we were actually importing rum among other grocery products.

“We’ve now come full circle to be producing our own rum here in Newcastle, a stone’s throw from the port at which it would have been unloaded more than a century ago. Stay tuned for more info on this,” he concluded.

Supporting their ethos of quality and consistency, the company has also earned themselves six medals in the Australian Distilled Spirit Awards 2020, winning two gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

IMAGE | Operations Manager and Distiller, Cameron Burns working his magic to create award-winning gin at Earp Distilling Co.

Earp Distilling Co.

With a vision to demystify the world of spirits, Earp Distilling Co was born from a passionate pursuit. For Founder and Head Distiller Michael Earp, the idea behind the distilling process has always been driven by experimentation and a natural curiosity.

The dream of creating ‘Next Generation Spirits’ is at the heart of what we do here at Earp Distilling Co. We believe in the ‘next’ and the ‘now’ and by harnessing new distillation technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to take a holistic approach to the craft.

Whether shaken or stirred, lunch or dinner, groups or functions, at Earp Distilling Co. you’re always in good company. Think a sensational seasonal menu, great service, and of course, world-class cocktails, prepared by our passionate staff.

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