Business missing out on benefits of giving

Business missing out on benefits of giving

NFP Connect Founder, Grace McLean, says that businesses are missing out on a multitude of benefits for their staff and clients because they’re not aware of the impact their charitable giving can make.

Grace has been interviewing local businesses owners and managers to gain an understanding of how businesses and charities might be working together locally and identifying what seems to be a missing link between them.

Through these interviews Grace noticed a trend that local businesses are definitely giving, and giving often however, the majority said that they were unsure of how much they give or the impact that it has on their staff, business or the charity they might be giving to.

“This is a missed opportunity for businesses,” Grace said. “There are so many positive returns that organisations can achieve for their overall business. Research clearly indicates that community giving with staff and client involvement, boosts loyalty, engagement and staff productivity.”

“Those businesses that have a clear strategy in giving to the community find staff are more engaged and proud to work for their organisation which in turn is known to boost productivity and ultimately their client base. It’s not all about the money for employees anymore, especially the younger generation. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Grace found that often businesses throw a morning tea or dress up for their favourite charity and that gives them a point of difference which shows their clients and staff that they care.  The interviews also revealed that some businesses give or participate in events without showcasing it.

“This is not only a missed opportunity for the organisation but also for the charity they are supporting. When a business contributes to a charity that has supported a client, it shows the client and/or staff member that their values align. When values are aligned, so is loyalty to the organisation,” Grace continued.

The over-arching reason for organisations lacking in a corporate giving strategy is that it generally falls upon one individual to run such a program and there are often minimal resources or just knowing where to start implementing such a program. It’s the primary reason Grace established the Community Impact Program as the final piece to the NFP Connect Service offerings.

“We have been working hard to up-skill charities in giving them education and tools to help them see how businesses run, so they can start implementing strategies in their organisations and now we’re going to work with businesses to help them to connect back to local charities.”

“Unfortunately we’re seeing a trend that businesses are giving but not necessarily locally, and it’s generally just because they don’t know where to start looking or they’re confused with branding, so they choose a charity they see and hear about regularly in the media. Good local charities are missing out because they don’t have the big advertising budgets to compete.”

NFP Connect helps to fill the gap and connect businesses with local charities that align with their values and staff, client needs and achieve positive results all round from giving.  Corporate giving comes in many forms and businesses need to see the benefits.

“NFP Connect exists to support, connect and grow those partnerships.”

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