APT Training launch Rising Star in Fluid Power Awards to support local industry

APT Training launch Rising Star in Fluid Power Awards to support local industry

Last year was a rough year for most with budgets cut and job stability at an all-time low. Due to the strain on business and personal finances, team members or tradies who usually would have been upskilled in their roles are now staying stagnant in the career.

The team at APT Specialist Hydraulics and Training understand that there are a lot of challenges that stop people from succeeding in the fluid power industry.

But with face-to-face training finally back on the cards, APT decided that the best thing they could do was increase access to their training services. After giving their scholarship program a facelift, they officially launched the APT Rising Star in Fluid Power Awards on 7 December 2020.

The Rising Star Award aims to recognise up and coming talent in the fluid power field and reward them with the training they need to see them become the next fluid power expert.

This includes an all expenses covered Certificate IV in Fluid Power.

Award recipient Keiran Horn states he was able to go down the career path he always wanted without the financial burden.

“I’ve been looking at doing the Cert IV in Fluid Power ever since I finished my trade at TAFE, I always considered it very valuable especially in the way that the industry is heading with more and more applications in hydraulics and pneumatics being used.”

Not only does this affect the job security of the recipient, but it also helps create greater safety and efficiency onsite, improving the industry as a whole.

Creating safety onsite is something that APT Owner, Kyle Probert is incredibly passionate about and is one of the driving forces behind the business today.

The Awards are not only designed to acknowledge the up-and-coming talent but the Lady Tradies Award has been created to acknowledge the often underrepresented female staff members in the area of Fluid Power.

Kylie mentioned that the Lady Tradie award was inspired by his daughters and how he hopes to show them that women can do any job they want.

The 2020 Award winners were announced just before Christmas and included:

  • Keiran Horn (Rising Star);
  • Amanda Smith (Lady Tradies); and
  • Runner-Ups – Dave Blackford and Aaron Walters

When asked what receiving the Award means to her, winner Amanda Smith said it was just what she needed to improve and excel in the industry and inspire others to do the same.

“The training offered will vastly improve and further build on my knowledge and understanding of hydraulic systems,” she said.

“My goal is to inspire young people within my industry with the knowledge, experience, training and confidence that I have gained to be great tradespeople.”

All of the Awardees will be starting their training in the next intake this month and the team at APT are excited to continue the Awards as a way of supporting the industry through 2021 and into the future.

IMAGE | Rising Star Award recipient, Kieran Horn and Director and Owner, Kyle Probert (left-right).

APT Training

APT is well recognised in the hydraulics and pneumatics industry. In fact, we’ve been sharing our experience and expertise in Fluid Power design, installation and training for more than 30 years.

The company began life with two distinct arms: APT training and APT customised hydraulics. While we still offer training and customised hydraulics, we realised that the heart of what we offer remains the same: specialist fluid power training, engineering and technical writing that helps our customers use fluid power safely and efficiently. 

Now we offer all our services under one banner. Our in-depth experience in system design, simulation and compliance, coupled with our commitment to fluid power safety, ensures you have the right partners to improve your knowledge and skills, keep your machinery running efficiently and mitigate work place risk.

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