Two Novocastrian women launch SingularityU in Australia

Two Novocastrian women launch SingularityU in Australia

Two Novocastrian women, Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews, are highlighting the power of exponential technologies and bringing the vision of SingularityU to Australia.

Their shared passion to create positive impact on the world to build sustainable, positive change, inspired them to launch SingularityU in Australia.

Over the next thirty years, the world will encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever faced.

From IT, to communication and the health industry, technology is being developed to revolutionise all aspects of human life. Accelerating technological advances are crucial to achieving powerful global impact.

Propelling these exponential technological advances and the tech industry, is the desire to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

SingularityU is a global learning and innovation community, active in over one hundred and twenty-seven countries, made up of individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, and NGOs.

The key aim of the global community is to provide a space where people can learn, innovate, create and grow.

Christina and Lisa are determined to use their venture to drive education in Australia on the evolving landscape of exponential technologies.

Christina Gerakiteys, one-half of the dynamic duo leading the project, is eager to bring the vision of SingularityU to Australia.

“Human beings have always feared change, and this includes a fear of technology taking over our jobs and our lives. Technology, in fact, creates opportunities and can be the answer to global issues such as educating people in third world countries and getting medical assistance and medicine into remote areas of the Australian outback,” she said.

“Our mission at SingularityU is to assist individuals and organisations understand and embrace the opportunities that technology affords. Our aim is to flip the fear mindset,” says Christina.

As part of the expansion to Australia, the two women are encouraging SingularityU chapters in each state.

The SingularityU Australia Summit to be held in October, will play a pivotal role in empowering leaders to design the future, while the second SingularityU Global Impact Challenge, launching soon, requires innovators to push beyond current limitations to turn impossible to possible.

The SingularityU Australian Summit will be held on 22 – 23 October at the ICC in Sydney and will showcase the latest developments in exponential technologies.

At the summit there will be a variety of internationally renowned speakers, leaders and change-makers who will share their stories and innovations.

It will also encourage attendees to shift from ideas to actions in order to create positive global change.

The winner of the Australian SingularityU Global Impact Challenge will be announced at the Summit.

IMAGE | Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys to bring SingularityU vision to Australia (left-right)

SingularityU Australia

The vision of Singularity University is being brought to Australia by two powerhouse women, Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews.

Known in Australia as SingularityU, the key aim will be to provide a space where people can learn, innovate, create and grow exponentially.

SingularityU is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world's biggest challenges, create impact for good, and build a better future for all.

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